The three most destructive thoughts when making new year’s resolutions.

Goals will always be an inevitable powerful way to succeed in life. I mean, every success coach will tell you that.

But what prevents you from writing down your goals? Other people or yourself?

Most of the time, the voice that keep saying that you can’t or that you don’t deserve it is your own voice.

If it was only other people, you could remove yourself from these people. It would be pretty easy. The reality is that we talk to ourselves and most of this self-talk is negative.

I’ve found that for 90% of the cases, the following statement will be true: People don’t write down their goals and dreams because either they think they don’t deserve it or they think it’s not possible for them or they think they are not capable of reaching that goal or dream.

My friends, it all comes down to one thing: do you believe in yourself? On a scale from 1 to ten, how much would you rate your level of self-esteem?

The level of your self-esteem will have an impact on the number of goals you write down, the number of goals you set and the number of goals you achieve.

1. I don’t deserve it anyway! This has to do with you. This has to do with your feelings of self-worth. “Do I deserve it, do I have the permission to be a millionaire?” “Do I have permission to remain centered, instead of stressed and depressed” Feel these questions in your entire body. This is an essential step that your whole body and mind needs to accept and integrate.

2. I am not capable! This next part concerns your plan that you’ve outlined to achieve your goal. “Am I capable of taking appropriate action, following the different steps I’ve set up to succeed?” Once you’ve answered that question affirmatively, integrate this in your body and mind. You don’t only need to know it cognitively but also emotionally. Your body is not just made up of a cognitive mind, but with emotions and feelings and the whole system needs to accept it.

3. It’s not possible! Here we need to look at the path to reach your goal. “Am I convinced that it is possible to achieve my goal with these appropriate steps?” The path may be long or difficult. You need to build a strong belief that it is possible to follow the path that leads to great success. You need to persist and never give up, even when it becomes tough.

You need to literally transform these limiting beliefs and sure you can, because as they have been learned (through experiences, ideasÂ…), they can be unlearned, restructured and changed.

There are three basic elements to reach your outcome: you, the plan or path, and the goal itself.

The belief you will develop for each element will form a winning belief system that will empower you in achieving anything you really want out of life.

These winning beliefs will give you more self-esteem and you will soon become unstoppable.

When we talk about the law of attraction, it all comes down to beliefs. When we talk about dreams, goals, independence, freedom, it all comes down to beliefs.

If you believe it is easy for you to realize your dreams, if you believe that you attract everything in your life for your best and highest good, if you believe that you have an unlimited potential, I mean, deep down, if you truly believe in yourself, there is nothing you can’t do and you would set up goal after goal, achieving each one of them, or not, for your best and highest good.