The Symbolic Meaning Behind Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic wedding rings are highly popular with men and ladies for various reasons. Celtic rings have their own meanings and these rings are based on Celtic traditions and history. Celtic Wedding rings express love, ambition and longing and a passion for life. They also represent all those things closest to the heart like the lover, devotion, affection and tenderness.

Celtic wedding rings are beautiful and you will get enchanted by the range of the antique style wedding bands that are specially designed with a meaning and symbolic significance. Celtic wedding rings have gained a lot of importance and popularity because of being classic and highly romantic.

These rings showcase interwoven never-ending knots that symbolize love till eternity and signify the motto "let love and friendship reign". This antique ring is available in a variety of precious metals. Celtic rings can also be set with precious gemstones to suit every style and need.

Celtic wedding rings showcase the archetypal, medieval look that’s combined with rare beauty and contemporary strength. Celtic rings give you an antique wedding band look along with 21st century durability. You must be able to understand these knots to enjoy the illusive feel of these bands.

Many ancient motifs are generally rooted in mysterious cultures that are well written in history and some knots are as ancient as 20,000 years. Knot work has become quite synonymous with the Celtic style and makes the rings sacred and highly embellished and illuminated.

Celtic music and poetry highlight love and the soul. Celtic wedding band knots express souls intermingling with each other to project interconnections that can be viewed as tapestry experiences. Many Celtic designers showcase and label their Celtic styles under Friendship and Unity.

It is easy to say that rings are all about being interconnected, but to understand this, you need to reflect on several mechanisms that make these knots work and then to try and determine as to how they function. Throughout the world, Native cultures hold ceremonies in circles. A knot pattern with circles or variations of circles emphasizes on important keys that explains the true place for relationships and community in a wedding.

In short, a ring, which is circular, symbolizes sealing of commitment. Square motif design shapes offer the element of stability and usually the numbers play a significant part in explaining the Celtic lore, like for example the number five represents the four directions and the center point.

Celtic rings also deal with vectors that explain certain directions and if you look at the shape of the arrow then you will understand why as triangle has a connote movement. Some Celtic motifs also signify trinity. Celtic wedding bands are offered in a wide range of designs and styles thus making them an ideal choice that suits every taste and budget.

Whether you like the antique wedding band look or the meaningful and enchanting designs, you will be fascinated with the styles and designs. So go ahead and choose one of the most romantic Celtic wedding rings to suit you and seal your wedding vows.