The Stock Market For Beginners

The Stock Market For Beginners can seem like a place to make some easy money fast. You often here in the news how a stock went up four points, and say to yourself, if I had gotten in on that one I could have made a killing.

Fast easy money is far from the truth when it comes to the stock market. But you can make money in the stock market. Slow and easy is the way to go, and if you start at an early age, a fast and easy retirement is a reality.

Beginners at stock trading should take the time to get the education they need in order to succeed. You do not see a surgeon pick up a knife and become good at surgery overnight. It takes time and knowledge to be good at anything in life.

To begin with, make sure you understand How The Stock Market Works. Start with the basics and work your way up. You did not pick up a book one day and start to read, first you learned the letters of the alphabet.

Decide how you are going to trade. Making this decision is going to tell you what you need to be reading to learn about it. Are you going to scalp, day trade, swing trade, or buy and hold for the long run.

Scalping involves buying large quantities of shares in a stock, and you are just looking for a small move in the stock price. Day trading is similar to scalping but you are looking for bigger moves in the price, and you do not hold the stock overnight.

Swing trading is when you buy a stock and hold it for a short period of time looking for a substantial move in the price. Buy and hold is when you plan on holding on to the stock for a long time. You believe the company is going to grow in value and the price is going to go much higher.

Next you will need to understand what fundamental analysis and technical analysis is:

Fundamental analysis relies on economic supply and demand information, such as a stocks annual growth rate, and quarterly earnings. This can be very time consuming reading each company’s financial reports. Their is a paper called Investors Business Daily to help with this. If you are going to be trading in the markets you should not be with out this paper.

Technical analysis is the study of time, price, and sentiment. The tool used for this is charts. Charts show a stocks price history, and with practice we can see everything we need to know about a stock, just by looking at the chart.

The next thing you are going to need is a Stock Trading System. When you go on a vacation you do not just jump in the car and go. You look at a map, decide when you are going to leave, when you are going to start to head home etc. The same is true with the stock market.

Many beginners jump in without a plan, you must have a plan in place, why and when you are going to enter the trade, when you are going to get out, and you must stick to the plan. Practice trading on paper before you open an account to see how well you are doing. Once you are doing good on paper then it is time for the real deal.

Now you are going to need money to start trading stocks with. Do not get into the markets with money you can not afford to lose. If you have to set some money aside a little at a time until you have enough saved, then do it.

Even though you went ahead and got the knowledge you need to start trading, does not mean you are going to be a success at the get go. It is going to take some time, and you will lose some money. That is why you don’t start trading with the rent money.

The stock market for beginners might seem hard at the beginning, but once you learn the basics, you will be well on your way to becoming wealthy.