The Spa of Your Inner Mind

You’re Ready for Advanced Hypnosis
You’ve been to hypnotists and are ready to continue the work on your own. You do not want anyone else guiding your work, you want to be in charge. You want a way to make your experience unique each time, tailored to your immediate needs. There is a way to do that, and it is called The Spa of Your Inner Mind.

Guided Imagery Gets To Be Just Too Guided
The suggestions hypnotists make are limited, typically by the limitations of the hypnotists themselves, that is to say, by their preconceived notions. And it is common for advanced enthusiasts of inner work to reach a point where they are ready to take on all of the reins themselves. If you are at that point, read on.

Create The Spa of Your Inner Mind
Drop down into a nice, comfy level and trance and create your own personal, private place of healing, transformation, insight and change. Think of it as a healing resort. Design your Spa in any way you like. Some folks choose the beach, others choose the mountains, some like the country, some like the city. It is your Spa. Choose wherever you like.

Your Spa Includes a Building and Grounds
The building can be large or small, modern or old fashioned, whatever suits your tastes. The grounds can be lush or sparse, may contain gardens or streams, can be woods or sandy shores. How it looks is only limited to your personal likes.

Your Building Contains Special Rooms
The names of the rooms reflect the activities you undertake inside them. The most common one is the Healing Room, and it is used for any kind of healing, whether emotional, physical, spiritual, or so forth. The next most useful room is the Insight Room, and you will enter there to get insight into your circumstances. Another favorite room is called the Room of Detoxification, and it goes beyond the mere removal of physical toxins, since it is equally good for removing emotional negativity. The next big favorite is the Dead Genius Cafe, where you have access to the greatest minds of all time, all happy to consult with you upon whatever issues you choose. Lastly, a delightful way to end your Spa visit is by choosing either the Fun Room or the Play Room so you can have a few moments of simple enjoyment. All rooms expand in size or alter in any way at any time to augment your experience. You simply enter the room, and have the experience.

Additional Rooms Are Limited Only by Your Intention
You can create rooms especially for yourself. A few examples include the Room of Making Peace with The Past, the Vengeance Room, the Forgiveness Room, and the Room of Curing (place name of illness here). Simply choose an issue you want to work on, create a room with that name, enter it, and have the experience you most need to have at that time within the parameters you have set yourself.

It Is Never the Same Experience Twice
Let us use the Healing Room as our example. Perhaps one time you need to heal a broken heart, the next time you need to heal a stubbed toe, and the next you want to heal your relationship with God. All of these and more are possible. Your own subconscious mind will create whatever you need at that time in accordance with your intention. And this goes for every room you enter. You go inside and your experience unfolds for you, uniquely.

The One Big Rule
You have all the power at your Spa. What you say goes at your Spa at all times. At the speed of thought, anything you need is there for you, including people, facilities, equipment, and spiritual entities such as angels, spirit guides, or departed loved ones with whom you need to communicate. It is your Spa, and you have all the power here at all times.

Is There an Easier Way?
Yes, there is an easier way. “The Spa of Your Inner Mind” CD takes you through all the steps in under an hour, combining music, narration, and detailed instructions. You are able to experience your own Spa Rooms privately, in your own time, in your own home. The Rooms included are Healing, Insight, Detox, the Dead Genius Cafe, and then your choice of either the Fun or the Play Room. Welcome to a breakthrough in hypnosis technique, one in which you tailor your experience to your own needs each and every time you visit The Spa of Your Inner Mind.