The Singles Life

Ah, the single life. It’s a great life, and many of us wouldn’t have it any other way. With no worries, no commitments and no ties to any particular place or person, you can be a free spirit and move as your heart commands, living life as you like on your own schedule. There’s no need to hang around waiting hand and foot on a loved one, and you can experience life to its fullest without any of the restrictions of being involved in a relationship. On top of that, being in a relationship can be pretty hard work. But is being single all that it’s cracked up to be? Is being single really such a great way to live your life?

Being single is a status that many people enjoy. Allowing them the freedom to do as they please, many feel that the ties and commitments of a long term partner are too severe for their lifestyle. True, the single life is synonymous with partying and having fun. True, the single life allows you to move freely as your heart requires, between locations, jobs and lovers. True, being single allows you to truly enjoy youth and experience the rich variety of life on offer. So why on earth would anyone choose to tie themselves down in a relationship?

For the most part, single life means a life of freedom and independence, and many find this the best way to live the majority of their lives. On the other hand, many people realise the benefits of finding a companion for security and general support through the tough times, as well as the good times, throughout the course of our lives.

Relationships generally tend to occur when one wants to settle down and begin a routine of life conducive to starting a family. For many, the urge to find a partner is a natural one, driving us to look for affection and adoration as well as romance in the setting of a stable relationship. Additionally, stability and familiarity are attractive properties of any relationship, allowing both parties to begin focusing on enjoying life together without the isolation of the single life. The unity arising from a relationship makes it the ideal set up to promote raising children to their full potential, whilst the burden of parenting is shared across both parties to the relationship. All in all, the sharing and companionship of any relationship is important in a happy and healthy life for ourselves and our offspring.

OK, so we’ve seen the benefits of being single, but we’ve also seen that being in a relationship isn’t actually all bad. Spending time with someone you love, settling down to start a family – it can all be quite exciting, and it can allow you to focus your energies on making the best of your life. There comes a time when we all feel the need to settle down, and start working to make a go of things in life. With the help of a loyal, trusted partner, you can devote the necessary time and attention to self improvement as you embark on establishing a career and raising a family.