The Signs Of Ectopic Pregnancy – Surviving Pregnancy

If this is your first pregnancy, you may or may not, know about ectopic pregnancy, or tubal pregnancy. Here’s a quick review on the dangers of a ectopic pregnancy.

During the process of a normal pregnancy, the fertilized egg will go through your fallopian tube into your uterus, which of course is where your baby grows.

With ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg never makes it inside the uterus. It begins to develop outside of the uterus, mostly developing in the fallopian tube.

Unfortunately, an ectopic pregnancy will not support life for a long length of time. Usually, a miscarriage occurs fairly quickly, but if this fails, the doctor will give medicine to end the pregnancy.
What is the danger of an ectopic pregnancy?

Left to itself, a tubal pregnancy can cause severe damage to the fallopian tube. This can create circumstances that make it difficult to get pregnant in the future.

Ectopic pregnancy can also cause life threatening internal bleeding if it ruptures. It would require emergency surgery. Once the fallopian tube is damaged, the chances of a future pregnancy being ectopic increase substantially.
What are ectopic pregnancy symptoms?

Ectopic pregnancy stepsons can include vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, and severe abdominal pain. Other ectopic pregnancy symptoms are quite similar to the normal signs of being pregnant. These include nausea or morning sickness, tiredness, a missed menstrual period, and breast tenderness. This can make diagnosis somewhat difficult.

If you have symptoms of bleeding and stomach pain, be sure to see your doctor immediately. They can determine if you have tubal pregnancy from a simple blood test or an ultrasound.

the key is early detection. If it can be treated early on, then the risks to your health and future pregnancies are greatly reduced.