The Seriousness of Immigration Sponsorship

It is no great shock when one gets into another country through illegal means. Illegal aliens have been present ever since, and it has always been an aspect for immigration centres world-wide to keep a keen look-out for such.

There is always a desire or need for someone to live in a foreign land – be it a business or personal reason. A number of ways have been offered in allowing this, from working visas, student visas, to tourist visas. One way that is also been practiced over the years is through immigration sponsorship.

Immigration sponsorship is when one person who resides in the desired foreign land backs up the immigrant candidate. This is usually done within families, like a son or daughter petition or through marriage. Whichever way, this type of sponsorship is not something that lightly taken, but considered to be a heavy responsibility.

Immigration application

Immigration fraud entitles one to severe penalties and should not be attempted at all. Once there is proof of fraud, this eradicates any chance for the person involved to ever become an immigrant.

Since a number of people have the desire to live in the United States, the immigration process stated is based on the form I-129F, the immigration sponsorship form. This form is used when someone in the US wants to sponsor their fianc? who is foreign-born to migrate to America.

The following parts of the I-129F are discussed below.

Information on sponsor’s biography – This part has questions that should be answered correctly, since it deals with basic but important information such as name, birth date, place of birth, address of the sponsor. It also asks whether the sponsor acquired his/her US citizenship through naturalisation or birth, and inquires about any prior relationships that resulted in marriage and divorce or annulment. This inquiry is very important so that any anomalies may be settled and any suspicion on ‘convenient-marriage-for-citizenship’ may be put to rest.

Information of fianc? or sponsee – This part of the form is addressed to the sponsee, and potential immigrant. The questions asked is similar to that of the sponsor’s, only with added questions. These added questions include any prior US travels that the sponsee may have taken; and whether or not he/she is currently staying in America.

By sponsoring the fianc?, it is the sponsor’s responsibility to make sure all fields that require information on the immigration form be correctly filled.

Existing children – Another part of the I-129F is the inquiry on whether or not there are existing children for either party. The children may be between the sponsor and sponsee, or from a previous relationship by either party. Any minor child between sponsor and sponsee usually allows that child the chance to accompany the sponsee when moving to America.

Crucial information

Crucial information that is always carefully looked over is whether the sponsor or sponsee are really a couple and that they have met prior to sponsorship. It is of the utmost importance that the two parties have met because this can be a major ground for immigration dismissal.

It may seem that the reigns on immigration sponsorship are too tight, but they are strict for good reason. Immigration frauds through marriage have happened one too many times. These guidelines make sure that these illegal processes are not tolerated in any way.