The Secrets of Thought Power

We have been told that if we keep positive, think positive then we can create the life of our dreams, with the power of thought. How easy is that? Have you seen how quickly thoughts whiz through our minds.

Have you tried to monitor your thoughts? If you have, then you will know how fast they move through us. We have thousands of thoughts a day. It would be extraordinarily difficult to watch and direct all of our thoughts all of the time.

One minute they are here, next they have gone. Only to be replaced by other thoughts. Most of us in the West, suffer from a kind of mental diarrhea. This over active mind is sometimes called ‘monkey mind’. Like a monkey jumping from branch to branch, our thoughts flit from subject to subject.

It takes extraordinary control and perhaps a very inactive life to get to the stage where we are in total control of our thoughts. Yet there is truth to the teaching that our thoughts create our lives.

But how can we have control over our thoughts?. They are too fluid, fast and ferocious for us to get a handle and take sovereignty over them. There is however, a way to indirectly control our thoughts….it is a powerfully effective way..

The key to our destiny lies in our emotions. Emotions are slower in vibration than our thoughts. We FEEL emotions, they linger, they are longer lived than thoughts. But more extraordinary, they have an impact on our thoughts. They dictate the kind and quality of our thoughts. You could say that they give our thoughts, WINGS.

You can prove the power of emotions yourself… very easily. What happens when you fall in love? The world looks different. Your thoughts automatically become positive. You see the good in the object of your love and you can even see the good in others. Nothing seems to fluster you. You feel buoyant and able to overcome whatever life presents you. And, intriguingly, your thoughts are positive, without you even trying to make them positive. You are in a positive groove.

Good feelings lead to positive thoughts. And because energy follows thoughts,when you FEEL good and happy, you start thinking happy, victorious thoughts. Happy thoughts are like seeds you plant. They start to grow and through the law of affinity, they start to resonate with all other positive thoughts around the world.

Your initial ‘seed’, the good thought, starts to grow and grow and grow and resonate, resonate, resonate with all the good thoughts around the globe. Then you find that you become inundated with positivity. This positivity goes a long way to drawing the people, events, objects to us, that will enable us to realise our dreams.

So, by being aware of the feelings we are entertaining, by being present and sensing how we are feeling, and switching our feelings to a more joyous, happier frequency, we start to change our thoughts and our DESTINY.