The Secret

We went to a New Age Church on Sunday with the intention to watch the movie: The Secret.

But the equipment wouldn’t cooperate.

So our friend and minister gave us the DVD to take home and view.

I couldn’t ignore what I felt as I watched the movie. It focused on principles I am sure you’re all familiar with.

As am I: Principles such as the importance of gratitude and forgiveness, and bringing the wisdom of the spiritual masters into our every day lives, in order to experience All We Are Meant To Be.

These principles emphasize the power of the subconscious mind through auto-suggestion to bring about everything we really, really want in this life time. But because of limiting beliefs, we may feel as if we don’t deserve to have these things.

The movie emphasized principles such as strength, enlightenment, joy, prosperity and love to neutralize the negatives such as shame, guilt, resentment and fear.

The Secret demonstrated that in order to heal others, we must first love and heal ourselves.

Yes, we’ve heard about these things a million times.

But we may still be stuck in ruts and grooves where we have long failed to feel the absolute Joy of Living moment by moment.

And that is what we must do: throw off all these limitations–because there are no boundaries to what is possible to achieve.

The narrators brought up example after example of drawing millions and millions of dollars into their lives by the simple act of changing their minds about money. Most of the narrators had been very poor and in some cases, homeless at some point in their lives.

Forinstance: instead of looking at some wealthy person and secretly thinking, “That person is rich because she screwed people.”

or, “Money is the root of all evil.”

or, “Money creates greed.”

You get the picture.

Instead of having so much anger regarding money, the idea is to say: “I am the master–money is my servant. I am the creator of my life, in concert with the creative divine Intelligence of the Universe.”

“I am The Conduit for Love, Prosperity, Joy, Abundance and Money.” And it’s important to FEEL the freedom, and FEEL the depth of your positive emotions.

The Movie went on to define all areas of life where we are potentially blocked: relationships, health, and all examples of negative attitudes.


22 lessons Learned from The Secret

1) What you want and what you don’t want is yours for the having

2) But you can have all of what you do want by practicing the Law Of Attraction

3) You get what you don’t want also by the Law Of Attraction

4) All you have to do is learn the principles surrounding the Law of Attraction and put them into practice WITHOUT EXCEPTION and eliminate what you don’t want, one by one

5) There are no limits to what you can be, do or have by practicing the Law Of Attraction

6) All areas of your life can be enlivened and enhanced by practicing the Law Of Attraction

7) Choose a rock that speaks to you and carry it around in your pocket

8) Many times throughout the day, touch and feel the rock and say–“thank you” no what may be going on in the moment

9) The simple act of practicing gratitude will attract all the good things into your life–like a magnet–and repel the bad things

10) See the good intent in all people. Stop the fault finding. See the great potential in every person, situation and in yourself

11) Make the practice fun! Enjoy it! You are the creator of your own life!

12) Don’t look at “Worst-Case-Scenerios” as reality but as potential for healing

13) Don’t look at a particular patient as a “Poor Soul” but look at their great potential to achieve and contribute to the world!

14) By looking at people in this mannner, you naturally uplift them, as well as yourself

15) Go inwardly everyday, and think about everything you like and have gratitude for. Do this 10-20 minutes, in a quiet, uninterrupted, natural place such as a lake, river, ocean or your favorite tree

16) Take notes during the day about what you like, and take these notes to to your quiet time of reflection, enlarging upon everything you like, in a mood of joy and happiness

17) When taking care of patients, call in the angels, the guides, the saints and all of the unseen forces of the Universe. In that timeless space, imagine all of the perfect outcomes, the perfect health, wealth and vitality imaginable for that person

18) When a person is first born, send her this telepathic message: “Welcome to Planet Earth! There is nothing that you cannot do, be or have! You are a magnificent creature and creator and you are here because of your powerful and deliberate wanting to be here. What an act of will!! What an act of creation!! What a miracle!!” Amen.

19) When a person is about to die and you are blessed to be with her, telepathically send them this message: “You are am immortal, Infinate Being. You are about to go forth into a new realm of adventure! You are protected. Do not fear a thing, for death, like death, is a natural process, and you are about to discover the greatest miracle of all!!” Amen

20) When a person is very ill and you are blessed to be with her, telepathically send her this message: “Your illness is an opportunity for complete regeneration. You will shed the old, and embrace the new. You will go forth and discover all of the potential you have yet to learn, about yourself. And most importantly, banish all doubt and go forward.” Amen

21) What do the birth bed, the sick bed and the death bed have in common? a)The neeed for total reverance, silence and awe– b) Abolutely no negativity in any form c) No restlessness on the part of the care-givers–although restlessness may indicate the need for a break! d)No idle chit-chat around these sacred places e) Develop an atmusphere of comraderie, harmony, fun! and peace

22) I am that which I am– And I am joyful in that.

You are that which you are– And I respect that diversity.

You don’t need to be like me — Nor do I need to be like you.

Because who you are — And who I am — Are One in Unity Consciousness.