The Secret To Quickly Moving From ‘Good To Great’

This article revolves around a single yet very powerful question I have to ask you:

Do you want your life to be ‘good’…or do you want it to be ‘great’?

Simple enough question. And yet, how you answer will dictate the kind of experiences you have in the very near future.

Let me explain. For the past week, I’ve been listening to Jim Collins’ book, “Good To Great” on 6 CDs. I’ve already listened to the first half of the book twice and I’ll probably play it another 4 times before I’m done with it (when you want to learn something new, use the power of repetition to saturate your consciousness with that new information).

There’s too much ‘good’ and not enough ‘great’ in our lives today.

But that’s ok, because I’m about to reveal to you one of the main reasons why many of our lives tend to play out as mediocre and what you can do to change this fairly quickly.

Now, ‘Good To Great’ focuses on identifying the differences between good companies and great ones. The question Jim Collins continuously asked himself was, “How do you take a ‘good’ company and make it ‘Great’?”

With all the time you’ve put into reading personal development books and listening to CDs, I’m sure you know by now that success principles recognized in one area of our life (ie, business development) can be easily applied to another.

I want you to ask yourself right now:

How do I take the ‘good’ or ‘ok’ parts of my life and make them ‘Great’?

How can I make my relationships with my wife, husband, children, family, friends and coworkers stronger….make them ‘Great’?

How can I turn my ‘good’ salary and financial situation into something ‘Great’?

Asking these questions can set the forces of life into motion and new circumstances, situations, opportunities will begin to almost miraculously appear for you.

One of the secrets to turning your life from ‘ok or good’ to ‘Great’, is through recognizing and demonstrating (living) the following very important success principle:

“If you see the separateness of life…then life will be separate.

If you see the interconnectedness of life…then life will be connected.”

How To Quickly and Easily Go From Good To Great

We sometimes get these ‘aha!’ moments where something clicks inside us and our understanding of life and of ourselves deepens. I remember one time this happened during a small debate I was having with several coworkers. I was in the marketing dept. of a company at the time and these guys were from the sales dept. The debate was over which was more important: marketing or sales?

Now, ask someone from marketing and usually they’ll say ‘marketing.’

Ask someone from the sales dept.? Chances are they’ll say ’sales.’

What’s more important? Marketing or Sales? How can you tell?

What’s the real answer? Marketing SUPPORTS sales!

Just as a husband and wife SUPPORT each other.

And a supervisor and employee SUPPORT each other.

Until you understand this in both your heart and your mind, you’ll continue dividing life into separate parts and that’s just what you’ll continue to experience in your life: separateness from your own greatness.

That’s all for now. Practice asking yourself, “how can I go from “good’ to “Great’ in ______________. Remember: the key to rapid success is learning to embrace life. Practicing this can bring you richer, more powerful, and more fulfilling experiences in your relationships, in your career, and even in your health!

Have a powerful day. I appreciate you!
Keith Matthew