The Secret To Finding Cheap Custom Roman Blinds

The search for cheap custom roman blinds is not an easy thing. Quite elusive, here today and gone tomorrow. If found, get it while you can.

The reason quite simply is that custom blinds are much more costly to produce and they need to be made in small numbers because they are made to fit your windows perfectly. That’s what makes them custom.

The main differences between cheap and cheap custom are:

No Compromising Of Quality.

When a roman blind is custom made the quality is there. Every one is made to order for the size you give them down to the 1/8″. Doing this eliminates any type of mass production techniques that compromise quality.

The quality will definitely be their as the shade will need to be fabricated and sewn by hand. This presumes you are using a professional fabricator to make your romans. There are people who work out of their homes and garages who make excellent custom romans and there are some who don’t know what they are doing. They will take your money and give you a junky, substandard product. Ask for references if you don’t know them.

No Compromising of Fit.

When you buy a cheap roman shade off the shelf there is not much of a chance it will fit properly. It will either be to small and leave a gap at each side or it will be too big and need to be mounted outside the window frame.

Roman shades, especially hobbled or waterfall shade do not look good mounted on the outside of the window frame. Anything less than four inches on each side will not give you privacy. People on the outside will be able to see right in the window through the big gap at the side.

Just like regular custom roman the cheap ones will be made to your exact specifications. They will fit your window perfectly assuring you of a clean quality look and feel that will garner compliment and ah h’s.

Not As Many Choices.

There will not be as many choices of fabrics to chose from in the cheap custom roman blinds category. This is due to the fact the manufactures of custom roman blinds will only put a discount or sale price on a certain fabric or group of fabrics for a limited time.

Here To Day Gone Tomorrow.

These discounted specials are for a short time only. Take advantage while you can because once they’re gone there are no more. It might be a year or more before that fabric goes back on sale if it ever does.

You know the old saying ” he who hesitates has lost”. Cheap custom roman shades are constantly changing so check on cheap custom roman blinds often. The money you save will be…