The Secret to Attracting an Overflow of Abundance, Blessings, and Success in Life

If you want to attract abundance, prosperity, luck, blessings, or the so called good things in life, then you’ve to follow 3 simple yet overlooked rules.

1) Show Gratitude.

My editor and friend named Jones (I call her JK because she aims to be the next JK Rowling), told me that she’s itching to buy the Hypnotic Library Package, but she doesn’t have a credit card. I told her she could use mine.

I bought her the package and told her we can share in its cost (my share is slightly bigger), and that I’ll just offset her share from her salary.

What happened next is something unbelievable.

She cried tears of joy because she said she has never met anyone “as kind as me.”

“Huh??!?” I thought to myself, “It’s no big deal.”

At that time, she has just started editing for me, and said she can’t believe I trusted her enough to buy a high ticket item for her, and that I even proposed to offset her share from her future salary.

I couldn’t believe her either, because I have never met anyone who has shown such appreciation in exchange for a small favor I just did.

Appreciation. Gratitude. Giving thanks. You can attract good things in your life by temporarily cutting off any negative thoughts or problems from your mind, and start counting your blessings. Thank God/the Universe/people around you for all the wonderful things you’ve received.

By doing this, you are acknowledging that you are indeed blessed and flowing with abundance. And by showing gratitude and giving thanks, you are befriending the Universe to give you more.

2) Give Unconditionally.

I bet you’ve often heard that what you’re giving will come back to you many times over. It’s true.

If you want more money, give money to those who need them more. You want to have lots of friends, be a trusted friend to everyone you meet. It’s a simple rule.

But the most important thing is not to expect anything in return. Don’t give a gift to your boss with the expectation that he will give you a promotion. Give because you want to and because it makes you happy, not because you have a hidden agenda in mind.

3) Receive Gratefully.

If someone says, “You’re a genius for coming up with this idea,” what is your response? Many people would say something like, “No, I’m not that good.”

If your response is similar to the above everytime someone praises you, then you’re blocking positive energy from entering your life. Instead, just say, “Thank you.”

I know someone who has such a big pride that he never accepts any gift or help from others. I tried to give him something many times, but he refused to accept every single one of them.

Guess what his status in life now? He’s lonely, friendless, and poor.

It’s not bad to receive. In fact, it’s a blessing that you deserve to have. And by being grateful and appreciative to the one who has given something to you, you are enhancing your relationships and attracting more blessings and abundance into your life.