The Secret Reason Why You Don’t Manifest Your Desires

Everyone has dreams they’d like to see come true and desires they’d like to have fulfilled. In fact, it’s natural to want things – a new job, more money, a romantic relationship, perfect health, a red sports car – and to receive what we want. So, why aren’t our desires fulfilled? Why don’t our dreams come true? Some would say that those who don’t manifest their desires don’t know “the secret” to doing so. However, even knowing the so-called secret and using its technology doesn’t always get us what we want, a fact that still leaves us pondering the reasons for this phenomenon.

The so-called secret put forth in the best selling book The Secret actually represent ancient wisdom found within Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism. The Kabbalists didn’t call this the Law of Attraction, but they knew and used the same principle – focusing thought and feeling on what you desire – for manifestation. However, what and how we think and feel about our desire makes all the difference between what we want showing up or remaining intangible. Plus, many people forget or aren’t taught all the steps to what I call conscious creation.

Sometimes our subconscious thoughts and beliefs affect the outcome of our efforts to manifest our desires. If, for example, you want more money but you believe that money is the root of all evil, you’re going to have a hard time manifesting more money. If you want a new job but think, “I don’t deserve a better job,'” you’ll have a difficult time getting hired. And if you look at a loving couple and think, “I still don’t have a loving relationship,” you’ll perpetuate the lack of a mate. So, we need to become aware of and change these negative thoughts and beliefs if we want to bring our dreams into reality.

Additionally, our emotions about our desires either attract them into our physical reality or prevent them from showing up. If you want a new car, for example, but you constantly feel angry and depressed that you don’t yet own one or every time you see someone else driving your dream car and feel jealous, you decrease your chances of manifesting a car. If, however, when you see someone driving that car you feel joyful at the thought of one parked in your garage, you actually begin manifesting that new car. So, we need to work on feeling good and happy about what we want even before we have it. This means learning to act and feel “as if” we already have our heart’s desire.

Kabbalah teaches that the manifestation process requires moving not only through the “worlds” of thought and feeling but also through the world of action. Often we don’t get what we want, because we don’t bother to do anything – like send out a resume, join a singles group, or save money for a new car. So, be sure to take action in addition to focusing your thoughts and feelings on your desire. In fact, the effort that we put forth to actually create what we want through our action is seen by the Kabbalists as the most important aspect of the manifestation process.