The Secret of High Self Confidence

The secret of high self confidence is so simple and actually it is barely a secret. Everyone knows it but somehow very few are using it. The secret is self-acceptance. Low self-esteem and disturbed confidence come from one reason – the inability or reluctance to accept who you really are.

If you watch how people behave you will notice that they always try to be someone they are not. They are always playing some role they where conditioned to play. People do what they are said to do without any respect to their deeper true self. The inner child is crying out to express itself, to be what it supposed to be, but it is always shut by the adult. I am now talking about the intuition that everyone of us has. The intuition always is telling you how to be happy. But most of us ignore it and pretend not to hear anything. We are taught to hear what other people tell us, what they think and consider about us, but not our inner self.

We allow others to manipulate our actions and thoughts; we create different authorities around us except for ourselves. Why do we hate ourselves so much? Why are we punishing our inner child every time it cries? Why don’t we ever ask for what it wants and give it to him? Why we can’t accept ourselves the way we really are?

The reason is that we are conditioned to think that we are not perfect and worthy. How many times have you heard a criticism about your actions, thoughts, or outer look? I bet a couple of hundred times.

How many TV programs and shows have you seen where people compete for who is more beautiful, wise, active, intelligent, has whiter teeth or stronger hair, has bigger car or more expensive house? This is a real madness. People spend so much time, energy and money to prove others they are better, worthy and acceptable. Why don’t they just accept that they are perfect by nature? Because you really are. Why it is so difficult to believe that you are worthy no matter what?

We must realize that we are the creatures of the God, the actual copies of an actual God. And here comes the question. Can you suspect the God to be imperfect? No! Because the God is the true perfection. As we are the precise copies of the God, how can we be in any way imperfect? It’s impossible. The only way you can be is a perfect way: no matter what is your outer look, how much money do you have, what you do or think, what you dream of and desire, no matter how improper it may seem to you. Just accept it. Accept your perfection!

Everyone is perfect in its own unique, one of a kind perfection. There are no imperfect things on this planet. Those are just different perfections.

The true thing is that you do not have to wait for someone accepting your perfection, because nobody has to. The only thing that has to happen is your own self-acceptance. You have to feel your perfection all the time and never forget about it. This is the only way you can be confident and fulfill your desire to create the life of your dreams. Because it is the only thing that matters. The universe is longing for their inhabitants to be happy. Start with yourself. Make yourself happy. And the secret to your happiness is to accept yourself and be yourself. You are happy to the degree you are accepting yourself. Choose to be happy!

Make an affirmation and remind it to yourself every day: “I am perfect in my every thought and desire. I am perfect physically, mentally and spiritually. I accept myself unconditionally.” Repeat this affirmation until you ease the feeling of tension inside yourself, until you truly believe in it and know that this is you – THE TRUE PERFECTION!