The Secret of HGH

HGH (the full name: Human Growth Hormone), a.k.a. somatotropin, is one of protein hormones consisting of almost two hundred of amino acids. It is naturally produced by the anterior pituitary gland and its effects are extremely beneficial to the human body.

First, HGH work by binding itself to its receptors many cells have. For example, if somatotropin is bonded to the receptors of a fat cell, it deactivates triglyceride, thus suppressing the cell’s ability of taking up and storing circulating lipids. As the effect, Human Growth Hormone prevents fat from being stored and minimizing the chance of getting on weight.

However, there is also the second thing HGH does: it helps to increase secretion of IGF-1 – an insulin-like growth hormone that causes most of the somatotropin effects related to the growth. IGF-1 exists also naturally, but higher levels of HGH causes to increase its secretion rate, thus making it easier for the body to rebuild and grow.

Because of that, Human Growth Hormone influences also muscles. The hormones are able to speed up the protein synthesis process and visibly improve rate of amino acid accepted and used by the muscle cells. That’s why somatotropin is also known to improve the overall tone of muscles and skin.

To sum this up, HGH is known to have major effects on:

Metabolism of proteins: Somatotropin influences the rate of using up amino acids in the cells as well as improve the rate of protein synthesis and lower the rate they are oxidized.

Changes in protein metabolism: Somatotropin allows fat cells to be broken down faster and with less effort, thus increasing the fat burning rate.

Metabolism of carbohydrates: The hormone plays an important role in maintaining the sugar level in the circulation below dangerous levels. It should be made clear: without somatotropin the muscles will get weaker, the fat will not go anywhere and just refuse to leave your body and the tone of skin and nails will deteriorate (as they are 100% protein, without HGH, they will simply cease to be replaced). Many researches believe that the hormone plays an important part in virtually every healthy functions of the human body – digestive processes, work of the liver, sexual activities as well as working of the whole glandular system.

Regardless of the way it works, somatotropin is a crucial element necessary for any healthy human organism.

Why there have never been any widely available HGH treatments? That simple: until very recently a standard Human Growth Hormone treatment was available at price of over a few thousand dollars.

Fortunately, the researchers working for the companies from the pharmaceuticals industry perfected the method of stimulating the human body’s natural HGH production. The Growth Hormone releaser allows the body to create more somatotropin all by itself with no need of external intrusions. This way the HGH levels can be increased to the point of a 20-year old person.

One of the examples of an HGH releaser if GenF20 – a supplement coming from a quality supplement company that is able to induce the production rate of pituitary glands in order to increase their HGH production rate. Then, the Growth Hormone starts to work in a 100% natural way and is transported to all important areas by the glandular system – just like in case of teenagers. This has also another good point: until now, it was impossible to treat patients with HGH in any other way than injection as the hormone molecules are a bit too large to be able to cross the walls of your stomach or bowels. Using supplements allow us to let the body to produce the hormone itself hence freeing us from troublesome treatment methods.

Doctors participating in the researches concerning somatotropin often tell that this hormone is the only thing that may bring back one’s youth.