The Secret Lies in Your Cells

I remember a wise sage once said to me: ‘If you really want to change yourself, then you must change your consciousness, so that every cell in your body, right down to the cells in your feet are aware of this new knowing’. How right he was. Have you noticed how you sometimes say you are going to do this or that, or change certain behavior, but your whole body does not seem to agree with you? There is something not quite right, it does not sound as if you are speaking from your whole being.

At other times you say you are going to do something and you say it with such conviction and force that it is as if your whole body and cellular structure agrees with you.

We have up to 50 trillion cells in our body. Yes 50 trillion sentient, intelligent ‘beings’ within us. All of these cells seem to live in harmony with each other. All working towards the good of the whole body. Unless and until, they receive negative, diminishing messages that lead to illness and unhappiness.

All these cells have their own particular job to do and they work ceaselessly to keep us healthy and well. The cells carry out different ‘jobs’ depending on which system they are involved with. They occupy one of the various systems, digestive, respiratory, excretory, musculoskeletal, endocrine, reproductive, nervous system and immune system.

Yet all of the cells in our bodies are constantly renewing. Scientists say that every 7 months there is a TOTAL turnover of ALL our cells. Then why is it that most of us don’t change emotionally or mentally, even though our cellular structure changes almost twice a year? Because our cells have a MEMORY.The new cells replicate the old ones and accept the memory of the cells they replace.

However where we work consciously with our cellular structure we can effect great changes and change this memory. It is important to form a relationship with our cells. For too long we have ignored their existence. We take the workings of the body for granted.

If we really want to change something in our life then we need to get our cells on our side. They hold the key to manifestation. You could say that our consciousness is basically the sum total of our cells’ consciousness.

The best way to start a relationship with our cells is by visiting them every day. Put aside ten minutes a day to begin to get to know your cells. Make sure that you won’t be disturbed, sit quietly and put all your attention, your whole mind into your feet. Just imagine that you are inside your feet with your mind. Smile at your feet thank them for their service to you. Then go throught your whole body, legs, torso, back, head making sure to be aware of all the internal organs too. Smile at every part of your body.

It is essential to do this exercise everyday. Ten minutes a day is not much to ask for when you consider the benefits you will enjoy.Peace, clarity, joy. In time you will find that when you decide to change a negative habit or attitude, your cells are far more supportive and helpful. It becomes easier and easier to make changes. Try it. You will see exactly what mean.