The Secret – Interview With John Harricharan (Q7)

A. Vishwanath: Yeah, I’ve a last question, John. You know I want all our listeners on this call John to visualize their moment of glory in the next few minutes. So, if you can help them do that, you know, they’ll get a taste of their own greatness and it will paid away for prosperity and peace to enter into your life. So, can you give them a small dose of the magic of feeling the peace?

John Harricharan: Yeah. First of all, as I said earlier, many of us or many people would like to think of themselves not a special anybody but as little clods of clay. And yet when we do that we discount the greatness in ourselves, in our souls, in our beings. We are unique in all of eternity. There has never been another Vish or another John or another Tom or Jean or Mary as the people who are listening.

You are unique beyond anything else. This world would have been such a sad place, had you not been there. Now, that you are here and you start thinking about it, I would like you to remember the moments of your greatness. I wrote this, I think, in the book called, “When You Can Walk on Water Why Take the Boat.” I would like you to remember the moments of your greatness because it is in remembering the times of your successes.

The times when you were happiest that you become even more successful and even happier, and it doesn’t really have to do with thinking as non-thinking at times, it goes beyond thinking into a feeling. It is not even visualizing. It’s just getting quite within yourselves telling that voice that’s going at 1000 miles in hour in your head, or a 1000 kilometers in hour your head.

Just telling it for a little while getting quite and listening to the sounds of the universe in your mind and feeling that you are unique, you are just a special person and you have a place here, and there is a reason you’re here, and you’ve got a duty. And probably, the duty might not be anything beyond being who you are as brilliantly as possible.

And then, turning around and saying thank you. Not thank you to any being or spirit or anything, but just letting go of everything and just being grateful for being here. You start doing a little bit of this and you will find that every day you get a little better, you feel it little better, things work out a little better for you. Flowers grow where you walk, the rain doesn’t fall as hard when it doesn’t need to and you will find yourself and evolving into the greater spirit that you have always been.

You’ve never really being at a clod. You’ve always been a great person. And you need to know that. You don’t need others to tell you, you need to tell yourself. And if you do that you will find a power within you uncommon in ordinary times. You will find an energy coming up within you that you have not found before.

And it’ll be like the great writer said “You have opened the door where — through which your splendor, your greater splendor will arise.” And the imprisoned splendor will come out and you will shine so beautifully, so brilliantly that your light will touch every other being you come in contact with. And in so doing you will become even better and greater. So that’s all I have to say to them today, Vish.

A. Vishwanath: Thanks. Yeah, thank you, John. That was, you know, absolutely terrific and you know, I actually love the way, (inaudible) marketing had started the seminar with saying, I am going to lead with content and promote with passion. And you know, I hope today myself and John, we have been able to do that for you.

And you know, we look forward to having you on our future calls and becoming a gold member of spiritual simplicity and helping yourself and the world to be a better, more wonderful and a peaceful planet. God bless. Thank you.

John Harricharan: Thank you.