The Secret – Interview With John Harricharan (Q5)

John Harricharan: Well, I believe that these are the things that hold people and societies together that is — there is an old saying, I think it’s from the book of proverbs and the old testaments, which says if one can put a thousand of light, two can put ten thousand. And so what we are going to do in this site is to create a network, a society and energy personality if you will.

A giant mastermind where one or two or three or thousands could gather using the Internet to excess data, wisdom, guidance, knowledge or even energy, because energy is invisible. We only see the effects of energy. And so what we’ll have would probably be not the on a — let say a regular schedule I hope, Vish, but where we can let the list members know about it and if they can’t be live on the Tele-seminars. They could at least have from the site the recording, is that correct. They will be able to do that. Right.

A. Vishwanath: I think.

John Harricharan: And.

A. Vishwanath: Yeah. They will be able to.

John Harricharan: Yeah. And I will speak with, you know, anybody who wants to do an interview with me, for this purpose like we had Yanik doing one. Yanik Silver doing one the other day and Terri Marie, the author of “Be the hero of your own game” and she is doing a about Dody Walter Neil (ph), who is the friend of her’s. And we’ll have interviews. I’ll have what — in fact instead of calling them interviews, I generally call them conversations.

A. Vishwanath: Really.

John Harricharan: Just like the ones I have in my website conversation with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Your conversation with Deepak Chopra, conversation with Brad Steiger or Muhammad Ali or any of these people. Now, everybody knows is some of these people and this well know, self help and self development people. Everybody has heard or almost every about Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra and so forth. And I’m not speaking of them alone.

I’m saying that we might have personalities that you have never even heard of. Some of most powerful personalities, I personally know, most people have never heard of them and yes they and I sit down and speak of things that are so fantastic that helps so many people. There are times I’ll bring them into the conversation. That time I’ll have Brad Steiger on, yeah, if you have never heard of Brad Steiger, you would be amazed. Brad and I used to travel by countries peak.

He is one of the few people. The authentic people would had ET experiences, extra terrestrial experiences. Where he saw his first extra terrestrial when he was a little boy where he can tell you stories of discarnate and all sorts of things. And you think this man was not and yet he is a very, very qualified person who added to the Blue Book for the US Air Force and who has written over a 150 books published by the Who Who’s of publishing.

One of them called Hollywood and the Supernatural. I’ll have Brad on with me and actually there is a terrible thing Vish, about having Brad on because–.

A.Vishwanath: Yes.

John Harricharan: When he and I speak, we don’t notice time and we would tend to go on for hours, because he and I have been known to sit for hours until the wee morning hours somewhere in that back room of a restaurant. They have to throw us out, as we discuss wonderful things.

I’ll have people like that, people you have never heard of, people you have heard of. We will talk and we will share with you in simple direct manner what we have learned? And you are free, you, the audience, are free to take that, to become a part of this, to question, to accept, to reject, but at least to consider that maybe, just maybe, there is something.

And that’s only one segment of it. Then, there will be a forum, which will, I am sure, make it possible for those who are members of the site to communicate with each other, to ask a question.

A.Vishwanath: Correct.

John Harricharan: Now, I am not going to guarantee that I will be there 24 hours a day answering questions on the seminar, on the forum, because I think everybody figures I may have a few other things to do.

But I will visit from time to time and there is some of my friends will visit from time to time and comment, for example, I’m sure Terri Marie will go on there and answer some questions. I am sure Yanik Silver might want to make a comment and something. And I’m sure some of your friends, Vish, and authors of ours, plus those who are members may make a comment.

And it doesn’t matter what the comment is — the comments are so long as they are designed to help all of us get to a better place whatever that place is or time is in live. And so the forum will be there, of course, will be a very private forum that only members will be able to access.

And out of this will come what I have always believed in when I spoke of the Power of the Mastermind. There will come the possibility of our problems being solved a little bit more easily, because again remember what I said, if one could put a 1,000 to flight, two can put 10,000. And so the joined energy from that group on the forum will help everyone who comes in contact.

This is the belief that I really have. I’ve seen it happen, because one of the premises of my life is everything is connected to everything else. And we can be in touch with the abilities that we don’t think we have by just being in the right harmonic vibrations of those who can help us.

Much of my success on earth, at least this earth as opposed to any other earth — much of my success is because of my association with people at a certain level where our energies join together to help us. And so they were better off, and I was better off for our knowing each other. And we have stayed in touch by invisible bonds that cannot be broken. And I am hoping and trusting that such a thing will happen on the membership site.

I think we have got something very wonderful here that we want to share. I totally dislike hype. I totally am turned off by dishonesty. I totally — I would rather never sell anything than use hype to do it. And I don’t do that.

A.Vishwanath: Yes.