The Secret – Interview With John Harricharan (Q4)

John Harricharan: And so you learn if you keep a calm mind, which is not a difficult thing to do at all. And people will learn how to do such things and they say if you keep a calm mind, if you keep a kind of a directed thought of and you deal in things that have to do with joy and peace and so forth, all the other things around all the physical things will start falling into place.

And you will find that instead of arguing with someone about why you do not — why you think you should do what you’re doing instead of following what they say. You will develop a very powerful aura around you, which will answer there questions which will leave them in aura and in love of who you are. And if perhaps you’re meant to walk a few more miles you would do that, and if not you will part ways. So it becomes a wanted stuff, Vish in which it’s not this or it’s not that. It’s like saying, hey what is the most important letter in the alphabet and…

A. Vishwanath: Yeah.

John Harricharan: And somebody might say ”A”. And I would say well no, how about “O”. And we can argue from now on just like they did in the middle ages as to how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.

And my thought about that is who cares. And if somebody ask me that question I would say 11,443 and if they want to argue about it. I might concede well maybe its 442 because who cares, it doesn’t matters.

A. Vishwanath: Correct.

John Harricharan: Okay.

A. Vishwanath: Yeah. That’s true who cares, yeah I mean yeah — and I think where I mean you have a great way of saying things, John. And I’m sure you’re not — it’s here like I mean I know that me haven’t interact with you for the last two years. That even certain you know, let’s say even it’s basically about people listening, because as they say the whole mystery is between the words, you know.

And only when we experience it like we’re in a rush to hear everything, to get everything. And that’s why we miss the energy, the mystery, you know, between the words. And I think as you speak and people listen and people usually listen to what they want. And I think that’s where the whole problem is they listen to the words as it is told without, you know, really putting them into picture. I think the whole new world will open, that’s what I feel.

John Harricharan: It is so true, Vish, because many times people listen to confirm what they believe or want to believe any way or what they are afraid of and are afraid of being afraid of if that makes any sense. And it goes back to once I did something called the 12 power principles, one of them the most important one being the power of belief.

And so when we’re listening, we may not be really listening. I have been in many conversations with many people all over the world. On all most every continent, at almost every level of government and society and I have sat with people who in a meeting of let’s say eight of us, they are all figuring what they will say next, while the other person is busy listening.

And the one who listens generally wins, because what is occurring there is something that’s invisible it’s beyond the words. It’s the gap beyond the words, it’s the spaces beyond, it’s the meaning, it’s the deep meaning, it’s not — words don’t mean anything, words are just the conveyors of meaning.

A. Vishwanath: Yeah.

John Harricharan: Meaning is something that could happen in the flash of a nanosecond like the understanding of Mendeleev, when he finally figured the Mendeleev Periodic Table in Chemistry or Elias Howe when he had that dream or vision or whatever it is about how to, you know, the inventor of the sewing machine, how to do the needle or…

A. Vishwanath: Yeah.

John Harricharan: As some of the bright flashes of into vision like Einstein had or Beethoven in a split second hearing the entire symphony, which took him quite a long time, days or weeks probably to write down. But in a split second being able to be aware of that, that’s the kind of listening and that’s the kind of listening that the universe gives you all the joy to do and we all — all of us without exception have that ability. But when we speak to ourselves constantly every waking moment, we are carrying on this long conversation with ourselves and you might hear this repeated all the time by me, because I think it is very important.

A. Vishwanath: Right.

John Harricharan: When we speak to ourselves, we drown out the ability to listen to the universe or to somebody. Somebody could be bringing you messages. A little word here a little feeling there. So I think that’s what you are taking about, Vish that we are to listen with our hearts and not our heads at times.

A. Vishwanath: Yeah. Exactly. And, you know, that’s and that is I think even if I mean, that’s the single most powerful ability I think I have taken from all your conversation and I think it is open to entirely new world. I’m sure it’s going to do for all subscribers. Thank you very much, John.

You know, the next question John I have is you know, obviously as part of this whole subscription program we are going pull a lot of bonuses. There is going to be just 17 of the 50 Self-Help Spirituals and Success Classics, you know, I have not then I put it all in one place, so that people can really enjoy that like autobiography by Andrew Carnegie, even Benjamin Franklin. Then meditations by Marcus Aurelius, you know, My life –and many more and they are all (multiple speakers).

John Harricharan: I hope you will have among those “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hills.

A. Vishwanath: Sure. Yeah. Sure.

John Harricharan: Which I think as your plans because Napoleon Hill was a very good friend and associate of my late friend Foster Hibbard. And I have grown to like his life changing book. And of course, Vish, I’ll add my things there. I will put a bunch of my books or any original things I feel like doing into that site. And we’ll make comments and even sometimes some of my poetry for those poetry loving people.

A. Vishwanath: Yeah.

John Harricharan: So and your books, the books that you are going to put there will speak certainly what I’ll call, life affirming books.

A. Vishwanath: Correct. And I just wanted to talk about the Tele-Seminars, which we will have, let say once a month and the speaker obviously, you know, many people know you but to those who do not. I just want to say about, you know, that people like Brad Steiger, you know, and many, many more people, which you know in under that before. So I’d like you to speak a little bit about this Tele-Seminars and the forums of how important it would be since it would give us sort of community type of learning. So could you clarify that a little bit?