The Secret Behind The Subliminal Message

The phenomenal success of the movie The Secret has shown us that people the world over are starving for information on how to get their lives to work better. This movie highlighted the power of the human mind and our innate ability to create and attract whatever we want in life. The Law of Attraction was explained brilliantly but although the movie did explain the power of visualization and how to align yourself with your desires it did not tell you about your subliminal thinking or how to change it.

In the movie you are told that everything you have in life is a direct result of your thinking. In addition you are told that your thinking is regulated by your emotions. How you feel about certain things in life determines how you think about them and how you think about them determines what you create, attract and ultimately what you experience.

Therefore, in order to create a life that you want all you have to do is to think about the things you do want and ensure that you do not think about the things you don’t want. Now this sounds easy in theory but I am sure you will agree it is far from easy to practise!

It is true that people get what they do not want in life, whether those things are career related, relationship issues, financial problems, health issues or just negative life experiences in general, because they are giving thought to those things. You may ask yourself how are you meant to think about only those things you want to have when everything around you is affirming that you do not have them? It is extremely hard to constantly imagine yourself as already having the life you want until your dominant thoughts reflect that when everything you can see, touch, smell and hear is the opposite of that inner vision!

Well the first step to doing this is to think of your vision in terms of not actually being that way already but thinking that it is in the process of coming real. This will eliminate a large portion of the resistance you will experience as you observe what is happening in your environment and life. By believing that your desires are in the process of manifesting and that life is unfolding in the direction that you want you can remain more focused on the life that you want to create through your vision.

While you hold this frame of mind your next step should be to program your subconscious mind with a blueprint of the life you want. Your subliminal thinking should reflect that of your vision and desires.

This is the important step you need to make the law of attraction work for you. The only reason that you cannot keep your thoughts only on the things you want and find yourself constantly thinking about the things you do not want is because your subliminal thought processes are programmed that way. Your subliminal thinking is regulated by your subconscious belief patterns and these must be changed if you wish to experience success and accomplish your goals in life. You must program yourself to think like a winner. You must access the subconscious mind and ensure the programming takes place there if you are sincere about making measurable, lasting changes.

To begin to program yourself at a subliminal level you should begin with gratitude. Having an attitude of gratitude is the first essential step you need to practise if you wish to create the life you want. By reminding yourself daily of the things in life that you already have and that you are grateful for, you will dramatically alter your perception and focus and draw more things into your life to feel grateful for.

Then you should create an inner vision of the life you want and begin telling yourself that everyday is bringing this vision closer to reality. Keep reminders of the vision in the form of pictures, written affirmations or anything that will bring your vision to mind when you encounter it. Ensure that these “triggers” do not cause you frustration i.e. they should not remind you that you do not have your desire but instead motivate you and remind you that you are moving closer to it with every passing day!

Be prepared to take appropriate action if you still feel constantly frustrated or remain in a negative frame of mind. Use your negative thoughts as a positive launching platform. Address the issues that are causing you concern. For example, you may want a promotion but feel, think and believe that you will never impress your boss enough to get noticed. Use that to your advantage. Begin to think of ways that you can use your natural abilities and skills to get noticed or acquire some new ones.

Unfortunately though, many times negative thinking has no real basis is fact. It is therefore necessary to start reprogramming your subliminal thinking and subconscious belief patterns. Seek out ways to accomplish a winning attitude that is automatic. Subliminal messages are an excellent way to reprogram the mind and ensure your subliminal thinking is in alignment with your conscious desires.

Visualize your dream life everyday ‘ once in the morning and once at night. Be thankful for what you have in life. Practise, on a daily basis, feeling gratitude for the workings of the universe and the law of attraction. It is this law that is ensuring that your vision is in this very moment in the process of becoming very real. Be grateful that you have the power to program your own subliminal thoughts and that by focusing on whatever you want you can bring it to you.