The Secret About Reality

It’s no secret that the movie “The Secret” is a phenomenal example of successful, viral marketing. This little idea-some would call it infomercial-was created for less than $3 million dollars; little money by Hollywood standards.1.5 million copies of the DVD have sold for about $34.95 and the “actors” have appeared on Larry King Live and Oprah to name just two popular shows. It doesn’t get much better than that not only for the woman who conceived the idea and made it reality but for those of us who work in the field of personal development.

For those of you who have not yet seen the movie, read the book, or seen any of the interviews, here is a basic overview of the premise of The Secret.

We create our lives. We do that with our thoughts and our words. We do that by focusing on things-consciously or unconsciously– which brings them into our reality, our day to day. This focused thinking begets our reality. It’s referred to as The Law of Attraction.

Skeptics abound and you may be one of them. Welcome to my world. As a former hardcore skeptic turned open student of coaching I have spent many hours studying and practicing the concepts talked about in The Secret. These concepts happen to aid clients gain insights and shift which is often why someone comes to coaching. Being open allowed me to shift my thinking in many areas and life has never been better.

Note to critics, I have not given up wisdom or intuition and I do my due diligence or not at my own peril. What’s different is that I don’t approach things from a guilty til proven innocent point of view.

Ok, back to how we create our reality. Consider this; nothing means anything til I make it mean something. Or, said another way, how I view an event, my opinion of it, formed through the filter of all that has gone into making me the person I am, is my reality. I should be clear here, it’s my version of reality. Someone else will have their own version which may look or sound nothing like mine does. Reality it would seem is a personal thing. Which means there isn’t ever only one reality.

Bring on the critics, I am armed and indefatigable on this point.

Do me a favor? Suspend your disbelief, your critic’s view of this long enough for me to wedge a possibility in.

Next, one has to check one’s ego at the door of transformation-when one is ready-or nothing can shift. I’m thankful I learned that early on because frankly, hearing things like, “we create our reality with our thoughts and our words,” would have sent me screaming from the room a few years ago. Had I my life might not have become as rich as it is today.

For those of you who are still reading let me channel Lucille Ball and do some ‘splainin’.

Theory one: We create our reality; let’s stop there and define the word reality as tossed at you up above. How can reality be personal when Webster defines it as: “the state or quality of being real or of existing in fact.” The word fact is ” a thing known to be true.” Personal does not appear in either of those definitions but Lucy wants to speak.

Take the recent snow we’ve had here on the east end. The fact is we got 2″ – 3 ” of snow overnight. My reality is it’s beautiful, I’m happy we finally got snow. My husband’s, which I know is shared by many, is “this really pisses me off, enough already, and damn I’m tired of shoveling.” My reality is shaped by my not having to go out and do anything more than slog to the gym. His by the fact that his client’s 500 yard long, hilly driveway must be cleared. Same fact-snow has fallen-two different realities.

Theory two: This one is a bit harder to explain but here goes. The things, people and events in our lives are a reflection of what we think about or believe consciously or unconsciously . This is known as the law of attraction. Someone who believes they are unlovable, and this is not often a conscious bit of information, will attract partners who cannot love them. Shake up the person’s belief system about themselves, give them an awareness of this way of thinking and they can go about attracting someone loving. Have you ever met a person who says, “It’s impossible to meet a good man, they are all taken”? Are they in a supportive, loving relationship? How about, “I’ll never be able to buy a house, I’m stuck in this dead end job”? Are they looking for a new job or ways to increase their income by becoming a better employee?

So what are these folks attracting? More of same no? Since this idea wants an entire column all its own let’s leave it there. Books abound on the idea and The Law of Attraction, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, two stars of the original version of The Secret, is the original and one great read. Here’s the bottom line, the law of attraction, like the law of gravity, is alive and well whether you like it or not, believe it or don’t.

Like becoming open minded rather than staying skeptical, I can attest to the difference that knowing and using the LOA can make in your life. Learn how to use this law to your advantage and you will discover power and control in your life that was before untapped. It is the secret to creating the best reality ever.