The Scams Vs The Legit

The Scams vs. the Legit

Mystery shopping is a legitimate profession. It is a way lots of people either make a living or increase their income. However, there are people out there who take advantage of this opportunity to scam as many people as they can. These scammers give mystery shopping a bad name, and they are the reason why several people are leery of trying mystery shopping. How do I know if what I’m looking at is real? How do I know if this isn’t really a scam company trying to get money out of me? How do I make the right decision and pick a company that would be beneficial to me? Everyone interested in mystery shopping asks themselves these questions while doing a search engine for “mystery shopping opportunities”. Everyone wonders if they are making the right decision. Well, I’m here to help. Here are some tips to help those mystery shopping newbie avoid getting burned while choosing an opportunity for themselves.

First, always get all the facts and all the details of what is required of you when considering an opportunity. If a company requires some upfront investment, you could be looking at a scam. Most mystery shopping companies offer to start working for free since it doesn’t make much sense to pay for something before you make anything. The claim behind the upfront investing is always to purchase training materials or manuals, certifications or membership fees. Mystery shopping scams rely on money draining the naive job seekers by promises of high and easy profit. That is what you should be leery of.

There are many stories circulating around about deceived mystery shoppers. Some of these stories do have validity to them but others are completely false and made up. However, there are valid and successful mystery shopping companies and opportunities out there. These legitimate companies will have strict guidelines and policies, but they do have control over the advertisement of their job over the Internet. Since it is so difficult to check the validity of all of these sites in the huge database that exists on the Internet, the checking of the facts and deciding if the company is legit or not is up to the seeker.

Mystery shopping has become a valuable tool in completing market research and is largely used in consumer poll purposes across the United States and across the country. Every single day a different mystery shopping site is being created hoping to hone in on the growing number of interested people in the mystery shopping profession. Keeping all this in mind, the job seeker has to realize that while you should not be misled by false promises of easy money, you should realize that mystery shopping does pay very well and has with it incredible perks since it is in such high demand today.

Buying into some of the mystery shopping scams has burned many people. While there are legit mystery shopping opportunities out there, here are some tips to avoid the scams.