The Sales Process Myth

There are many definitions for a sales process and who cares!

Customers run a mile from sales people that try to get the customer to fit into the ‘sales process’ because they don’t feel comfortable with someone that isn’t listening.

So just how do you notice a customer’s buying strategy so that you can sell to them just the way they need to be sold to, in order for them to buy.

Notice that it’s customer specific! It’s not dependent on how nice it sounds or whether it will be accepted by a dictionary or not.

The following steps are usually taught by lazy incompetent trainers in their sales training:

1. finding your lead

2. qualified prospect

3. identify their needs

4. proposal

5. closing

6. transacting the deal

… and I know they sound smart but following those steps doesn’t necessarily lead to a sale.

Put differently: so many sales geniuses don’t use the sales process because they haven’t got time to think about it! Their too busy noticing what’s going on with the customer in terms of their verbal and non verbal cues. And it goes without saying their close rate is at least 4 times as high!

People that teach the 6 step sales process above think that it’s advantageous to standardize the selling process and customer interaction

However, standards also cap progress. Can a student get higher than an A+?

But there’s tons of choice when it comes to achieving lower grades.

Do you want to cap your ‘bottom line’? If not, if like me you think that the more money the merrier then be careful with standards.

Enough of the diversion, lets recap: the sales process needs to be about noticing verbal and non verbal cues that allow us to pitch our product or service in just the right way for the customer to buy.