The Rush For Avenue Q Tickets Has Begun

The Rush For Avenue Q Tickets Has Begun

A dashing college graduate, Princeton, arrives at New York City with dreams in his eyes. However, his wallet is relatively empty. Soon, he realizes that the only place where he can live with a light wallet is Avenue Q.

Although the place is not where Princeton wanted to get, the neighbors are sweet people. Each of them has their own problems, secrets, and attitude towards life. The only thing common among them is that they all have big dreams.

One of them is a jobless comedian named Brian. His fiancée Christmas Eve is a therapist. Nicky is a bunch of lazybones, but good at heart. His roommate, named Rod, is a Republican investment banker and appears to have a secret. Then there is Trekkie Monster, an internet addict, and Kate, a lovely kindergarten teaching assistant.

“Avenue Q” is a story of cherishing dreams and striving to make them true. It’s about seeing the bright side of life even when things get cloudy and the future does not seem bright.

“Avenue Q” was first shown off-Broadway at the Vineyard Theater. It managed to impress theater fans as well as the critics by the lessons it teaches about life. It opened at the Golden Theater of Broadway in 2003. Here, it got raving response. “Avenue Q” soon became the talk of the town.

So much was the applause received by this Broadway show that it achieved the Best Musical award of the season. The writers of this intriguing show, who were quite young as compared to their counterparts, were awarded with the Best Book of a Musical and the Best Original Score.

Although this 2 hour and 15 minute long show is not recommended for children below 12 years of age, “Avenue Q” is simply the best show that has been run the whole year at Broadway. In one scene, you fall of your seat laughing at the amusing tunes and in the other; you are touched by a devoted love song with a beautiful tune. The music of this show is infectious. And you just cannot sit quietly and listen to the numbers without humming them yourself.
The talented team consisting of actors, singers, and puppeteers include:
Howie Michael Smith plays the lead role of Princeton
Mary Faber plays the lovely Kate Monster
Christian Anderson plays lazybones Nicky
Evan Harrington plays the comedian Brian
Ann Sanders is Christmas Eve
Haneefah Wood is the superintendent Gary Coleman
Jennifer Barnhart plays Trekkie

The creative team includes:
Jason Moore as the director
Jeff Whitty as the writer of the book “Avenue Q”
Robert Lopez as the music composer
Jeff Marx as the lyricist
Rick Lyon as the designer of puppets
Ken Roberson as the choreographer
Mirena Rada as the costume designer
Howell Binkley for the lighting arrangement
Acme Sound Partners for sounds

The tickets are being sold faster than the speed of light! The best ways to get tickets is to call a number or book online.