The Rules of Engagement

The Art of War:In the Battlefield of Business you must be equipped with: The Top Rules of Engagement For Business Success!

How do Men and Women work together to create the best work environment for all? They work with the Rules of Engagement.

Rule #1 – CONFIDENCE: The level of self-confidence maintained by both parties will help determine how well the interactions will play out. One can interact with peers, supervisors or staff with confidence, utilizing leadership skills to improve the results of any transaction, negotiation or team work effort. There isn’t a situation that can be described that wouldn’t benefit from both parties leaving the “baggage” behind and working from a position of self confidence. Interaction between men and men, men and women and women and women are being tested constantly and will improve when both parties come from a position of confidence, leadership, and strategic partnership. A lack of self-confidence creates duplicity, back stabbing and a defensive nature.

It’s not always recognized but its there lurking in the background of every interaction.


You either have confidence or you don’t You either have the skills to do the job or you don’t Approaching each interaction anticipating that you are required to “Prove Yourself” or the other party needs to do the same will cloud your ability to do the job you were hired to do! GET OVER IT! Act in a professional manner, assertive with CONFIDENCE Make the most of every interaction Put your efforts on the same path going in the same direction.

The results are amazing because Confident business partners create AMAZING RESULTS!

Rule #2 – PHYSICAL :Dos and Don’ts Have you ever worked with someone who, when speaking to you, stands just a little too close? Have you every worked with someone who wears too much perfume or cologne? Have you ever worked with someone who could use a breath mint all the time? What about the women who love to hug everyone, or the man who likes to put his arm around both his male and female’s staff’s shoulder as a sign of appreciation or camaraderie?

These are all signs of the physical don’ts – everyone needs their space. Business relationships are much more successful when all parties are not feeling they are in compromising physical positions. Nothing inappropriate implied here – just uncomfortable

1. Keep your space when making your point, be sure you make eye contact from a proper distance to allow the other party to digest your words and body expressions without feeling “backed into a corner” or “crowded” as you try to convince the other party your position is the one and only choice!

2. When meeting your professional counterpart, extend a hand, not a hug.

3. Men, women and men alike don’t always like the pat on the back or squeeze of the arm, embrace of the shoulder.

4. Great rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t do that physical move with a business associate of the same sex, don’t make the physical move with the opposite sex. Women, just because you might hug and kiss an old friend of the female persuasion, don’t hug and kiss a female business associate and for sure don’t hug and kiss a male business associate. It’s hard to be taken seriously if you are hugging and kissing the team! Men, same approach applies: if you wouldn’t hug and kiss a male business associate there is no reason to hug and kiss a female business associate. You want her to respect you the same way her male counterpart would.

• Rule #3 – SCARCITY MENTALITY: Replace Competition with Creativity:

This concept brings forward the idea that business success is abundant. If you utilize your creativity instead of worrying about the other person getting ahead of you, the picture will now include a whole new set of possibilities.

Win/Win: with creative ideas. Create a mentor/student bond or work side by side rather than in confrontation mode. All of these imply that you are not running from “the Pie is only so big!”

One-up-man-ship: This completely distracts all parties from the ultimate goal; focus on the players and you get just that, glaring issues with each side of the puzzle, friction, certainly duplicity in the message. If you focus on the goal, rather than the players and CREATE new ideas and approaches, while really listening to each other the GOAL will become more important than the players and the RESULTS can be amazing.

When you eliminate Scarcity Mentality you create:

Results = you have self-worth.

Results = you have creative license to really grow your talents.

Results = you remove the tension and friction = Quantum Leaps in your Career!

There are more rules and more discussions to have but this is a great start. Let’s keep an open mindand work to improve your future.