The Road of Our Life Is Always Under Construction

One thing about life there is never two days the same. Some days tend to flow smooth as silk, while others are as bumpy as a ride on a rollercoaster. Regardless of what kind of day we encounter, we have to make a decision how we are going to handle it. Will we waddle in doom and gloom, or will we be determined we will not be moved by the circumstances? Yes – many situations will try our faith, temptation and even patience, however our choice will determine where we need construction in our life.

Choosing to change things in our life that does not reflect a positive image will make a huge difference for us in encountering daily factors of life that come upon us. If you are having a day that is not going very well and you choose to have a bad attitude – you more than likely set the tone on the outcome of that situation. Taking a different approach when things aren’t going as you desire, can allow it to turn out in a more positive way.

We should often examine our self and determine what area we need construction in. Is it an area of negativity, unforgiveness or even a bad attitude? Do we need to construct – (remove) these areas in order to lay a new foundation in our life? Digging out ways that produce negative results is imperative if you want to go to another level of life. Our life will always be under construction. Construction for repairing damage that may try to linger and hinder us in our day to day activity.

Let’s start with the construction of our heart. Our heart paves the way for why we say what we say – why we do what we do – and why we act the way we act. Getting to the heart of the matter can start us on the road of repair for enhancing our life. Refuse to say “this is just the way I am”. What this does is limit us in how far we will go and what we will achieve in our life. Never settle to stay the same. If we open our eyes and ears – I can almost guarantee we will learn something new each and every day!

Always look to construct and reconstruct things in your life. Our life should be a life of progression day by day. How much constructing do you need to get on to the next level in your life?

Copyright (c) 2007 Iris Shamble