The Rising Popularity Of The Seven String Guitar

A popular musical instrument, guitar has always been an intrinsic part of global musical tradition giving it an altogether different status. Being a string instrument guitar has really modified itself to a great extent from its previous form.

The emergence of the seven-string guitar in the musical scene was not a sudden move. A guitar having four pairs of strings usually marked the renaissance period. By the end of the baroque period it graduated into five courses and also used a variety of tunings.

The eighteenth century saw the emergence of a six-string instrument. These developments clearly reveal the desire to upgrade their instruments and increase the range of the guitar. Gradually this particular category became a popular form of instrument. It surpassed its counterparts in sound quality and other aspects.

A seven-string guitar as the very name suggests is a guitar having seven strings instead of six that guitars usually have. Having the essence of Brazilian culture and tradition guitars have traversed a long way only to provide comfort to frayed nerves.

The seven-string tradition is an old tradition that flourished greatly in the 19th century. The seventh string is usually kept below D or E scale. Infact, a popular genre of music called the 7-string music was the rage in the 19th century amongst youngsters.

The seven string guitar today has emerged as a key instrument in many music recitals. Topping its other counterparts like eight-string guitar and ten-string guitar, it has now become one of the most popular versions. It still continues to be a favorite musical instrument amongst the young generation of music lovers.

There are many artists who have taken guitar to great heights. Some of the popular seven string guitarists who adorned the musical landscape are as follows-

Rocky George
Ruud Adrianus Jolie
Andrei Krylov (musician)
Limp Bizkit
Jeff Loomis
Sergey Nikitin
Steve Vai
George Van Eps
Yuri Vizbor
Vladimir Vysotsky
Voyager Project (band)
Within Temptation
Howard Alden
Alexander Dolsky
Carnal Grief
Martin Cliffe
Rusty Cooley
Dave Weiner
Dino Cazares
Don Ross (guitarist)
Fear Factory
Dave Felton
Alexander Galich

A typical seven-string guitar comes in the following shades:

Red Cedar
Engelman Spruce
Brazilian Walnut
Brazilian Rosewood

Popular types of seven-string guitars are as given below-

The Russian Guitar
The Brazilian Guitar
The electric guitar

Hogging the limelight in the 80s the seven-string guitar touched a new high in the 90s and completely revolutionized the entire art scene. The seven string guitar has also become immensely popular amongst the bands who used it to play high tunes and deep melodies.

Seven string guitars also find a niche in the progressive genres. Solo artists also made considerable use of the seven-string guitars to enliven their stage shows to a great extent.

Representing a particular genre of music this particular musical instrument made great forays into the world of music giving the entire music industry a whole new makeover. The magical sounds of music overflowing from a seven-string guitar are sure to touch your very soul.