The Rio de Janeiro Beaches

In terms of the quality of the beaches, Rio de Janeiro is the ideal place as it offers about 50 kilometers of high quality sand. The Copacabana beach resort itself is one of the greatest vacation getaways in the entire world, situated on the borderline between a tropical refuge and the vivid world metropolis of the famous Rio de Janeiro. Here you will find not only the best Rio apartments that are located near the beaches but also perfect transportation connections to and from other beaches: taxies, buses and vans.
We will continue this article by presenting a brief review of some famous Rio de Janeiro beaches:

• Barra da Tijuca – the longest beach in all Rio, it measures 12 kilometers of clean sand. Barra da Tijuca is also often frequented by refreshing waves which invite tourists to a unique surfing experience. If you get hungry, you should know that on the first kilometers of the beach you will find seafood restaurants, bars and the “barracas” – tents which simply put are food & drink stalls, right on the beach;

• Botafogo – soccer fan? This is the ideal place for you as you will find a lot of Botafogo soccer shirts here due to the reason that the suburb has its own football team which is in heated rivalry with Vasco da Gamma and Fluminense. The beach is filled with young people playing beach football or beach foot volley all day long. Here you will find bike renting possibilities known as ciclovia which can be a very fun way to see Rio. If you stop right in the middle of the sidewalk, you will have one of the most breathtaking views of Rio de Janeiro;

• Flamengo – a rather small-sized beach but an ideal place to relax and practice sports. In the past it has gone by several names: Uruçumirim Beach (Indian name), Sapateiros’(Shoe man beach), Carioca Beach, Marinheiros beach and the Sapocaitoba beach. In the past it was the place where ships used to come to get water. There are quite a few apartments in Rio de Janerio that offer convenient access to this beach;

• Grumari – this is the most unspoiled beach in all Rio mainly because it hasn’t been “discovered” yet. This is a very popular place for soap operas sceneries. The beach is an area of environmental protection of the city and buses, some vehicles are forbidden. The green forest is entirely preserved. The sea is strong but on the sand, at the times that the sea is wavy, the waves come and give origin to some “natural pools”;

• Ipanema – one of the most popular beaches in all Rio – the place where all the beautiful women can be found, no doubt about it. Also known as the little Paris of Brazil, Ipanema is known for the avant-gardes theaters, art galleries, bookshops and art movie theaters. A lot of sightseeing opportunities can be found here, that is why it is so popular.

All in all, the best beaches in the world can be found here. Access to them is very easy as the apartments in Rio de Janeiro are very close to the beaches. If you are planning your summer vacation, take Rio de Janeiro into consideration, you won’t regret it.