The Right Way for a Skateboard

There are a few skateboarders who tend to use their heads in a more productive way, like being programmers, artists, and so on, and so on. Of course, they’ve yet to find a skateboarder who can’t even fix their own skateboard, and the best way to teach a beginner is to know some of the tools of the trade.

When assembling a skateboard, there are a couple of tools needed, and some of them may be available in the garage. Screwdrivers and allen wrenches are the top of the lists, to make sure that the kingpin are locked in place as well as the screws that hold together the entire trucks. Knives are also needed, especially for those who wants to change the griptape of a new deck. Metal files would scratch out any unwanted blemishes, especially for certain protruding sharp edges. A vise is used to punch holes though the griptape.

At least those are the basic tools. Now comes the slightly hard part.

Once a deck as been chosen, they begin by using the griptape, which is used to enhance the grip once they use the board and has an appearance and roughness similar to sandpaper. It can be bought in sheet as well as patterns and designs. Place the griptape on the deck by removing the paper to expose the adhesive side of the griptape. From there, it can be trimmed to fit using a sharp knife.

From there, use the vise to punch a hole through the gripboard in order to use the mounting bolts to install the trucks. Decks already have holes on them and are standardized so they don’t have to worry much about measuring. Once it’s there, the screwdriver will set the mounting bolts in place and fixing the trucks securely.

Even the trucks have their own bit of settings, and the allen wrench is the tool for that one. Since trucks are used when it comes to turning a skateboard to a different direction, a large bold called the kingpin holds it together and is padded with a bushing. It can be adjusted according to the skateboarder’s reference.

From there, it’s all about the wheels. It may seem easy at first, but it takes a bit of care, since shoving the wheel though the axle is tricky. Sometimes, it may take one or two tries, and the results may not be the same on the second attempt.