The Right Vitamin For You

We all know that the nutrition that we get in our food today can be deficient in the vitamins and minerals we need. So over 88% of people in the entire world take some form of Nutritional Supplement on a daily basis. You can go into almost any store and see vitamins and there are even vitamin stores with shelves and shelves of vitamins. With so many different kinds of nutritional supplements available on the market today one can find it difficult in choosing what to take. You have to choose what vitamins, what brand, what dosage, what about the cost difference, what about the different formulations.

A person can easily spend $100 a month and end up taking over 10 different pills a day and you might not be getting what you think you are. Did you read the label carefully was the serving size 1,2,or even 3 capsules? Most nutritional supplements call for more then 1 capsules for a serving size, so if you get a bottle with 120 capsules then most likely you need to take 4 capsules of that supplement. Why do you need to take more then 1 pill? As much as 80% of a pill can be fillers, binders, chelating agents and film coatings, leaving very little room for the actual active ingredient.

High quality liquid multivitamins take care of that problem. You do not have to worry about how many pills you need to take and how I am going to swallow all those pills today. You can get all the vitamins, minerals, fruit, vegetable and plant extracts you need in one serving of a high quality liquid multivitamin.

Liquid vitamins have advantages over pills and capsules. Liquid minerals can get assimilated in as quick as 3 minutes while capsules can take 3 to 5 hours. Another problem with capsules is that there are some vitamins that your body can not absorb in this form so you are just wasting your money as they get flushed out of your system. You are also paying for all those fillers and binders which raise the cost of vitamins.

There are some that say you do not need to take any supplements that we get all that we need in our food. This is not true for several reasons. Years ago fruits and vegetables used to be picked and eaten with a day or two but not in todays society. Today they get picked and then travel across country and then gets stored on shelves in stores, each day that passes most fruits and vegetables start losing nutritional content. Then when we bring home that food we cook it and again more nutritional value gets lost. Plus how many of us today get the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Nutritional supplements are a must in todays society.

When you run out of vitamins and ready to get new ones safe your self some money and get a high quality liquid multivitamin. You can get all you need in one bottle, saving you time and money. No longer will you have to worry about how many of each vitamin you need to take or if you can get all the pills down. Not to mention having to open all those different bottles. Plus you will not have to spend hours trying to figure out what to take. Trying to decipher between brands and types of vitamin on store shelves can be a nightmare. Not to mention the savings on the environment by using only 1 bottle instead of 3 or 4.