The Rhino Principle

The Principle

I remember reading about the Rhino Principle in Forbes Magazine a few months ago. The basic theme behind it is doing what the rhino does best: Charge! The rhino as an animal has survived for so many years because of its undying single-mindedness and natural aggressiveness towards achieving a single goal. The rhino is not particularly clever, nor is it unsusceptible to the other animals in the Savannah. However, it takes initiative when it sees something it wants and leaves all other thoughts of pessimism or doubt behind. Apply this same mindset in your own lives, whether it is as an entrepreneur or in any other aspect of your life. Take on that project you’ve been procrastinating on for months or ask that girl you’ve been meaning to talk to in your Chemistry class. Focus on a single goal and put all your energy into reaching that goal.

Stay Focused

As entrepreneurs, we sometimes have a tendency to do all things at once. We want to take on every little side project, approach every single potential contact, and at the same time become the next Microsoft or eBay. In reality, however, it makes much more sense to stick to that one project you have huge hopes for and put all your energy into that project. Don’t spread yourself out too thin, no matter how beneficial you may think your side projects may be. Nothing is more important than focusing on your most important project and giving it all you got.


You have high hopes for your project and you know where you eventually want to be with it. Whether you dream of one day going public or selling your company for millions of dollars, you probably have an idea of where you want to get with your project. However, it is absolutely essential that you set aside “mini-goals”; smaller goals that will help you get to your main one. While one can’t plan for everything, it is necessary for you tohave a plan , as well as goals detailing where you want to be with your project at what time. Do you want 10% market share in 5-years? Or do you want 30% market share in 5-years? It is crucial that you set up these mini-goals so you know how to gauge your progress. Further, make sure you apply the Rhino Principle to each one of your mini-goals to help you achieve your end goal.

I was able to find the original article published by Forbes Magazine . I highly recommend that your read the entire article.

I have applied this principle many times in my own life and most recently in my efforts to launch I assure you if you take the Rhino Principle to heart, you will be able to achieve tasks in a much more quick and appropriate way than ever before as I have seen the same results with