The Requirements Of A Professional Mystery Shopper

The Requirements of a professional Mystery Shopper

There are a lot of scam companies out there that take your money and leave you nothing else. But fortunately there are some companies that are genuine and they expect a fully professional approach. Here are some of the requirements you can expect.

Standards of professionals

Be committed to the improvement of the mystery service, and help to promote excellence in your work.

Be honest and ethical in your work

Follow the regulations and guidelines set down by your employer.

Perform in all shops to the best of your ability

Work with honesty and integrity

Make certain that your reports are dealt with in a timely manner, either on or before deadline.

Keep Confidentiality

Always report to the store if you cannot attend

Always respond to emails etc as soon as possible

Keep a copy of your reports for a while after submission in case of queries.

Make certain that you have read and understand the shop’s requirements before doing the shop.

I will not make false statements

I will not ask any colleague to talk about any mystery shopping they have done.

I will not work if I have taken anything that will impair my reactions

I will not cause any problems in the shop whilst going about my work

I will not work for a shop where my relatives or I are known

I understand that I am effectively self-employed.

Tips on making your mystery shopping experience more profitable

Some people look at this job as a fun factor, something to earn them a bit of pocket money and if that’s you that’s great. But if you want to make money and you are prepared to give it all you’ve got then it can help if you take into account your travelling expenses to get there in the first place. Always try to shop in shops that give you the highest return for your time.

Try all venues and types of mystery shopping, i.e. digital camera shopping, and different types of business.

Try adding different kinds of work to your mystery shopping like filling in surveys this can bring an added dimension to your shopping.

Hopefully as you progress within your chosen company you will be able to progress higher up the scale, some can become a video shopper or a telephone shopper.

Try to plan your day, if you can plan your shops into a set route this will cut down travelling time.

Always show a very professional appearance and approach to your work, never say you will do something and then decide not to bother. Make sure your reports look good with good grammar and spelling etc.

Perhaps put yourself through a writing course to give yourself a bit of lift to help you promote yourself more effectively.

Make sure that the firm you are working with knows that you will happily fill in a shop for them if they should suddenly be let down, they will soon realise that you are dependable and know where to come if they have a sudden good job come in that needs a reliable shopper.

Make sure you are a top performer, and your mystery shopping company will see you as one of their top performers and you will make more money doing the shops you like best.