The “REAL” World of Network Marketing and Prospecting

Let me introduce myself. I am Dr Robin Rushlo and I have been in MLMs or Network marketing programs for over 37 years. Today I am adding facts, with a little ranting, about the current state of Network Marketing and prospecting.

First, the prospect, if you are a responsible network marketer, your emails will have a place for the “prospect” to OPT OUT and/or unsubscribe. That is the right way to do this business. So, prospects, please read the whole email and look for the opt-out or unsubscribe line. The last 1000 emails I sent out I had 127 prospects that either could not read or refused to read the entire email to look for this line but instead sent an email that says “Stop sending me these emails”. This statement is paraphrased as some of the emails are truly unprintable. I hope you do not eat with the same fingers your type with. WOW.

Further, all the prospects that I approach either went to a splash or capture page to get something free from me or to subscribe to a newsletter. These are all double opt-in. Which means twice I asked and made sure that you really wanted the freebie and the info I would supply. So when I do call or send follow-up emails why are there a few that say “I never did that or asked for that info.” Remember prospects, when you get the freebie or ask for the newsletter your exact IP address is given and when you say you never asked for it, well it is hard to understand. Now, I do understand that maybe a son. Or daughter entered your info or a dear “FRIEND” but that is less than .023% of the time.

Second, for the prospect, surveys you take to start your home based business. They get your info too and then sell it to Network Marketers that will email and call you. Just confess that on that night long ago, you know that day after you boss chewed you out, you went on line to see how fast you could fire your boss and took that survey. Well, a home based business is just that, a business, not a hobby. It will take money to start. The following items will be needed for the average business:

1. Start up costs ( from $10.00 to $5,000.00 one time fee)

2. A monthly fee (autoship or membership from $10 to $300 monthly)

3. Advertising costs ( from $25 to the sky is the limit monthly)

4. Business cards ( from $25 print at home to $396 or more)

5. A domain name that is trackable ($6 to $25 one time fee )

6. A hosting plan for outside capture pages ($10 to $400 a monthly)

7. Unlimited long Distance for your Phone ( $25 to $65 a month)

8. One hour a day or 7 to 10 hours a week Just for your Business without any interference.

9. 3 hours a week just for your personal time to increase your talents in Network Marketing.

10. A spouse or companion that will support you in this business.

11. At least 90 to 180 days to have checks from you business that have at least two or more zeros in them. Again that is up to you and whether you want to work.

These are the bare minimums for a business. With #10 being the biggest or the first unless you are 100% single and have no relationships with anyone other than you. So if you are looking for that pot of gold to show up the day after you start guess again.

Realize that all of this is basically up to you and what is between your ears.

You have the power to be one of the 3% that make it big or the 97% that never break even. Look around and look to the people in the industry that are making money. What I did was to learn from them was to sit at their feet and see what they were doing and do it. The good leaders in this industry are the servant leaders that will give of their time and talent to make sure you are profitable. They will always be the one with the hand out to help pull you up not ask for you to buy more from them. Just remember as they pull, you must push up. They can not pull dead weight and make it move. A team effort is needed and team is spelled “T E A M” without a “I” in it.

Copyright (c) 2007 Robin Rushlo