The Pros and Cons of Inkjet Printers

Through all the varieties of brand names of printers which are out in the market, the inkjet printer stands out as one of the most dominant type. More importantly, this fact has something to do with its being pocket-friendly amidst an industry that is crowded with several other brands. Why will you settle for something that costs too much when in fact you have a much better alternative? Read on and get to know why this printer deserves your respect.

Only an Original Ink Cartridge

It is indeed very much surprising to note that the printer manufacturers don’t generate too much profit with their products. This may truly sound a bit crazy for everyone especially that this type of equipment is significant in almost all industries. In order to cope up with the situation, these producers come up with specific and genuine cartridges which are supposed to be used with the printers so as to get the most terrific printouts. They make it a point as well to discourage the users to purchase and utilize the replica or imitation ink cartridges. Again, the genuine ink cartridges are always available wherever you look.

Its Working Nature

It is not worth it to tackle highly technical terms. What matters is that simpler words are used to let you understand more of how the printer works.

You see, the so-called thermal inkjet is basically applied for most of the printers which are used at home. Within that of the ink cartridge are sets of chambers that are electrically heated. The electric current then passes through the heating elements to dispel the ink from the cartridge. The process prompts the jetting of the ink onto the paper whereas the excess ink is being absorbed back again towards the chamber. Known for its speed, this type of printer does the same process over and over again to print the configured documents. Apart from the thermal method, two other systems are being used. They are the continuous inkjet and piezoelectric inkjet which are much common in the commercial and industrial printers.

Unraveling the Pros

True enough, these printers are among the amazing inventions that the world has ever known. High quality of the printouts and the affordable price to pay are just some of the most significant features of the printer. In contrast with the daisywheel and dot matrix printers in the days of yore, this modern innovation gets rid of the noise while the printing process is being carried on. They are quiet yet produce an exceptional quality of output. Provided that the equipment has been configured, you may print photos and see the colors come alive.

A Couple of Disadvantages Worth Looking at

Basically, the printer requires a genuine cartridge. Now this may cost you as compared to the replica cartridges or refills that some stores offer. Also, ink clogging may be a common problem. The ink is also prone to dissolving in water so you must be very cautious not to let water touch your printed documents. Lastly, be careful in handling your cartridge. When the ink is dispelled sideways, it is most likely to produce an after-effect which is known as bleeding. This therefore causes the smudging of the output.

Overall, there is a brighter side to look at. Inkjet printers are still highly regarded despite some negative claims.