The Power Of Thinking Positively

The Power of Thinking Positively

The importance of organizing your thoughts to always see the good in every situation

How a person views life has a huge and direct impact upon their life. Whether it’s your career, relationship, or hobbies, the kind of attitude you carry with you will necessarily color the atmosphere and actions of every aspect of your life.

So, what is your general perspective?

Are you generally well motivated letting nothing get you down? Or do you sometimes or indeed constantly view life as futile with the possibility of success and happiness just a dream in the distance which you are hardly likely to see come true.? Obviously, these are two extreme ends of the spectrum and most peoples lives run somewhere in the middle, but where do you fit in? Could you view life more positively? Can you take control of how you are thinking and start to see the good in any situation?

Today, there is little doubt that positive thinking has the power to change your life, but how do you train yourself to do it? What follows are some tips to use in order to start organizing your thoughts to see the positives in every situation, no matter how seemingly negative it may appear.

1. Believe in Yourself. It may seem a given that belief in yourself is essential to successfully navigate through each day, but how do we start thinking more positively about ourselves. Start by looking back at problems you had in the past and successfully solved. Quite often you will see that when the problem first appeared you had no idea how to solve it and was filled with fear and despair, but here’s the thing – you did get through it. Always remember that no matter what the circumstances, you have built within you the means to solve any problem. So start to believe that is true and move forward with confidence.

2. Set Goals. By making a list of short and long term goals for your career, relationships, and overall life; you’re verifying the importance of your own self worth. Not only are you making yourself a measureable action to achieve through motivation, but you are also justifying your belief in yourself and self confidence.

3. Expect Setbacks. Assure yourself that you will necessarily have setbacks on your path to short and long term success. By reminding yourself that problems, snafus, and setbacks are part of the process, you will be able to limit your disappointment when something goes amiss and also boost confidence when conversely, nothing goes wrong.

4. Stay on Top of Pessimism. When those pessimistic thoughts start creeping in, we all know how we are going to end up. We will think the worse and feel generally down in the dumps. However, if you catch yourself before the bad thoughts set in, you can replace the negative thinking with positive thoughts. This isn’t as difficult as it would first appear, but to do so, first we must understand where that pessimism is coming from.

5. Understand Negativity. Remind yourself constantly that turning negative when the chips are down, does not help your situation to get any better, and the more time and effort you spend having a bad attitude; the more time is wasted when you could be working towards a positive result.

6. See Failure as a Learning Experience. Surely, you have heard that to take setbacks on your path to success in your career, relationships, and whatever else you have your sights on as learning experiences. This is one of the best ways to stay positive. Every time there is a setback, stop and remind yourself that from the experience you will learn how to do it better next time. By organizing your thoughts to realize that each setback is an opportunity, you will be that more likely to succeed or at least closer to success by your lesson.

7. Reset Your Limitations. We all have self imposed limitations that we have put on ourselves, but they are not set in stone. It’s always good to extend your limitations of what you think you can achieve. You would be surprised how much you can do if you open up your self limits. Without doing so, you run the risk of not realizing your potential.

8. Accept Responsibility. Since you were a kid, your parents have probably told you to take responsibility for your actions and for all that happens in your life. These words, though annoying at the time, are priceless to staying positive and realizing your dreams of success. By taking responsibility you claim the situation as your own and even if there is a lot of negativity or despondency in that situation, if you own it you can change it, because it’s in your hands and not someone else’s.

9. Let Go of Failure. Once you have gleaned all the helpful information from your failures and setback, let the failures go. Once you have learned your lesson, the memory of the failure will only hold you back, it is useless, it’s happened, you have accepted it so simply let it go so you can start again. Learn what you need to better your next try at your goal, and then let go of the fact that you failed. Reminding yourself of the failure will hold your energies back from achieving the goals you have set out for yourself.

Lastly remember that failure is simply a perspective. Choose the correct perspective and failure becomes a launch pad to success. How? Well remember the words of Edison, when asked why he continued with his endeavors to invent the electric light filament after more than 14,000 experiments had failed. He replied “I have not failed, I have simply eliminated 14,000 ways that don’t work”. With an attitude like that he was always going to succeed and of course as history proves – he did. Remember this every time you switch on a light.

Mike Hooker