The Power Of The Subconscious Mind Can Be Yours

The power of the subconscious mind is undebatable. You may live as if you’re in control of your life. But you’re not. Your life is run by the power of the subconscious mind.

The power of your subconscious mind can be helpful. Or it can be harmful.

Unfortunately, for most people, the subconscious is more harmful than helpful.

The subconscious mind is responsible for most of the habits and behaviors you wish you didn’t have. It’s the reason for addictions and destructive patterns in your life.

But the power of the subconscious mind and its ability to ingrain habits can be used for good instead of bad (think of it like the Good Witch vs. the Wicked Witch).


Instead of allowing your previous habits run your life, you deliberately repeating behaviors that work to your benefit and create new habits. In other words, you give your subconscious mind a new program to run, one that helps you instead of hurts you.

Two such sets of behaviors will turn your subconscious mind into a mind magic wand you can use to create whatever you would like in your life. Here are the two sets of behaviors you must ingrain in your mind.

1. Monitor your thoughts. As much as possible, be aware of the vibrational quality of your thoughts. Are you thinking in wants or don’t wants?

You can do this in either of two ways:

–When you hear yourself having a “what if” thought, mentally yell STOP and then detail what you expect to get to have.

–Whenever you hear yourself saying or thinking, “I can’t……”, change it to “I can” or “I choose.”

2. Shift any negativity you notice. You’re bound to feel negativity. When you feel it, know that it means you’re creating something you don’t want.

Your feelings are your creational barometer. They let you know if your thoughts are creating good things or bad things.

Feel good, you’re creating good. Feel bad, you’re creating bad. It’s very simple.

So when you feel bad, use these techniques:

–When you get upset, stop and breathe. Do 10 deep breaths (or some other type of deep breathing) and while you breathe, pay attention to your energy flow.

–When something happens that you don’t like, instead of swearing or complaining, say, “Hmm.” This creates an attitude of interest instead of an attitude of anger or annoyance, which is negative energy.

–When you find yourself visiting a past negative event in your thoughts, mentally slam a door on the past event. Put a powerful thought (i.e., energy) barrier between you and that past.

–When you need a pick-me-up, play the “Won’t it be lovely when…” game. Say to yourself, “Won’t it be lovely when ____________” and fill in the blank with something you want to have happen.

Repeat these two sets of behaviors over and over and over. The more you repeat them, the deeper you’ll imprint the behaviors. It won’t take long before you’ve created a neuropathway that will make doing the behaviors simple.

It’s that neuropathway that contains your power—the power of the subconscious mind.