The power of positive thinking and feeling

With the recent media attention given to The Secret and the law of attraction, what I have to share today may be old news to many of you. I questioned whether or not to write an article this week on the power of positive thinking – surely everyone knows the benefits of this, right? I was talking to my mom a few days ago and she had never heard of The Secret (what rock does she live under?) but she knew all about the law of attraction.

That’s old news she told me.

So, here I am. Talking with you about the power of positive thinking. And while consciously we may all quickly agree that it’s common sense to think positively rather than negatively, to see the cup half full rather than half empty…is that what we do?

We may talk to others positively and see ourselves as a cup half full type of person. My question to you is what is going on inside your head that no one sees? And, according to the law of attraction, how are you feeeeeeling about a topic or subject? Your thoughts lead to how you feel – which is key to attracting what you desire.

For many of us it’s easy to say how great our products and services are; it’s easy to talk about how we can help people live healthier lives…but when you are alone, are you thinking and feeeeeeeling how good it feels to help people? Are you worrying about paying your bills or perhaps role playing how you would respond to a negative situation over and over again? I know I do it.

Paying attention to your private thoughts is something I’ve learned you have to focus on. You first need to be aware of what your thoughts are, and then learn how to direct them where you want them to go — which is to a positive outcome or feeling about something positive rather than a negative.

Paying attention to your positive (or negative) thoughts is not something we are taught to do as children. It doesn’t come naturally for most of us. We watch what we say, but not what we think.

Our action plan this week is much less tangible that the traditional marketing tasks I give you. But I think, no wait, I feeeeeeeel that paying attention to your powerful thoughts is just as important as any action you can take.

Do you know what it feeeeeels like to double your client’s base? To double your profits? Imagine what your boss or spouse would say. How would they react? How would you? How would it affect your life? Imagine how you will feel when all the marketing systems you have put in place are attracting your ideal clients easily and effortlessly and you have achieved the goals you set.

Rather than thinking about what you’ll do next, think about how it feeeeeeels to achieve whatever it is you are working on. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be business related.

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