The Power of Keywords in a Dealership’s Digital Strategy

For many auto dealerships, the importance of the keywords used in their digital marketing strategies can be hard to understand and, often, overlooked. This is a mistake. The keywords you use should be the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Without them users may not be able to find your website.

Keyword Lists
The first step to creating an effective digital marketing strategy is compiling a keyword list. To do this, you must first think like your consumers, meaning: what words do you think they would use to search for your dealership online? If you are a Mercedes dealer in Beverly Hills, CA, then one of the first keywords you would likely start with would be “Beverly Hills Mercedes”. It is recommended that you focus on locally-targeted keywords, in order to make it easier for users in your area to find your dealership. The idea is to draw in an audience that is more likely to visit your dealer’s physical location as opposed to targeting an audience that is further away and is unlikely to travel long distances or may be closer to a different dealership that they are more likely to visit.

Once you have come up with a list of keywords you can then use Google’s free keyword tool to expand on your keyword list. Using this tool Google will output a list of suggested keywords based upon the keywords you provide, your website or category your business falls under – for example: automotive dealership. Once this list is generated you can then pick and choose what keywords you want to add to your existing keyword list.

Keywords on Your Website
Once you have created your keyword list it is important that your keywords are on your website. If one of the keywords you want rank in search engines results for is “Beverly Hills Mercedes”, then it is important that that keyword is on your website, in the content and in the tags as well. Search engine “bots” or “spiders” will crawl your website looking for these keywords, among other things, and will rank your website accordingly. If your website doesn’t have the keywords you want to rank for in your site then you will not show up in the Search Engine Results Pages for those keywords.

According to, 84% of consumers will use a search engine during their car shopping process. If you are not effectively using keywords on your website then your site will not show in the Search Engine Results Pages when people try to find your dealership online. Meaning you could lose out on potential leads.

Keywords in Your Ads
If you are running pay-per-click – PPC – advertising on search engines then the keywords you use are also very important. The general advantage to running ads on search engines is that the ads are displayed within search engine results above organic – webpage – results. But simply running a PPC ad will not guarantee that your ad will show up within search engine results. Much like how having certain keywords will affect how consumers will find your website in search engine results, the keywords used in PPC ads also greatly affect how consumers will see your ads in search engines.

For example: in Google the position of your ad within search engine results is based upon your ad’s quality score. The quality score of your ad is determined by how relevant your ad, keyword and landing page – the webpage that the ad leads the user to – is to the searcher. So in order for your ad to show up in search engine results for a certain keyword you must make sure that that keyword – or a close variation – is included in your ad and that the keyword is found somewhere on your landing page.

A study done by has found that 13% of all clicks in search engines are from PPC advertisements. When creating a PPC ad strategy, if you are not considering the keywords you use or if you are not utilizing your keywords to their full potential than you could be losing out on millions of leads.

Keywords greatly affect how consumers find your dealership in search engines. Without a solid keyword list and strategy tied in to your digital marketing efforts the consumers you are trying to attract won’t be able to find your site.