The Power of Invisible Braces

Teeth straightening can give dramatic improvements in the appearance of a smile. Crooked teeth make the smile look unhealthy and unattractive. Improper alignment also affects the proper function of the teeth, and can result to difficulties in maintaining good dental hygiene because crooked teeth are harder to clean thoroughly. Straightening the teeth not only provides aesthetic improvements, but also improves the proper function of the smile.

Orthodontic braces work on solving problems associated with crooked teeth by moving teeth into a straighter position. However, not everyone wants to have metal parts on their mouth while having the teeth straightening treatment. The conspicuous metal brackets and wires inside the mouth can be the source of embarrassment especially for adult patients; these metal parts are also the source of discomfort, and can result to the development of painful mouth sores.

Invisible braces offer an ideal solution to conventional metal braces when it comes to straightening the teeth. These virtually invisible braces are made of clear parts that make it possible for the orthodontic treatment to be undertaken in a very discreet manner. A patient can have his or her teeth straightened without anyone else knowing about the orthodontic treatment, because there are no visible metal parts inside the mouth.

Invisible braces consist of clear plastic aligners which work by moving teeth into their proper alignment. These custom-made aligners are very comfortable to wear, and can be removed conveniently and without fuss. The aligners can be removed before brushing the teeth, making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene even while undergoing the orthodontic treatment. As the aligners are created according to a patient’s unique mouth measurements and specifications, they are guaranteed to fit perfectly and to give the desired teeth straightening results.

Conventional metal braces generally take a long period of time to work on straightening the teeth, and it usually takes a few years before the desired teeth straightening can be achieved. Invisible braces can straighten front teeth (the teeth which are visible when one smiles) in just a fraction of the time it takes for traditional metal braces to work. A patient can enjoy straighter teeth and more beautiful smiles in under a year’s time, usually with just a few adjustments needed in the aligners as the teeth are moved into their desired alignment. Invisible braces provide discreet, convenient, more comfortable, and faster teeth straightening results for adults who wish to improve both the appearance and function of their smiles.