The Power Of Creative Visualization

The Power of Visualization

One of the best ways to get what we want in life and be truly happy is through the power of visualization. In much the same way that we’ve always heard about the affects of positive thinking, the power of visualization takes this process a stage further and is even more effective in helping us to reach our goals.

What is the Power of Visualization?

The power of visualization is immense and should really come under the heading of creative visualization in as much as we’re using our imagination to get what we want in life. While it may sound very similar to day dreaming, the power of visualization is more powerful and effective. When you day dream, everything is normally vague and somewhere off in the distance, you are generally just thinking of how great it would be like if you had a certain thing. With creative visualization, however, you get your imagination working by believing that you already have something and seeing what your life is like with it in your life, while feeling all of the happy emotions that go along with it.

Power of Visualization Brings Success

Many of the most successful people in life have used the power of visualization to reach their goals of success and happiness. If you think of the famous inventor Benjamin Franklin, you’ll see that he used the power of visualization in developing his many inventions like bifocals, the odometer, the Franklin stove, the lightning rod and, of course, his experiment with the famous Ben Franklin kite.

Let’s talk about his invention of the bifocals. Franklin had trouble seeing at certain distances and wanted a pair of glasses that would be able to see near and far without having to constantly take them off. He thought of how he could accomplish this. He believed he could create the perfect pair of glasses. He visualized and “saw” what the results would be when he was finished and he made it happen.

The power of visualization involves these three major principles:

3. DO IT

Visualization is something that almost everyone uses in their life at some time or another, whether they are aware of it or not. However, where some only see what they are visualizing as a possibility in the future, others actually believe it as a concrete certainty in the now, which is what the true power of visualization is all about. Some people use the power of visualization every day of their life and needless to say, these are the individuals that are the most successful in their lives.

How does the Power of Visualization Work for Us?

So, how does the power of visualization work to help you succeed and be happy in life? You visualize the things in your life that you want to achieve by seeing them as if they’ve already been accomplished. For instance, you want this fantastic new job you’ve heard about. First, you believe that you can get the job. Second, you see yourself doing the job and doing it well. You actually see yourself doing different aspects of the job, getting praise and advancing in your career because of your success at the job. Use your emotions to feel the deep joy that you have each evening when you come home from work having had a great day. By the power of visualization, you’ve given yourself the confidence to do what it takes to get the job, whether this is more education, requesting job interviews, new location, etc. Without the power of visualization, all you’ll do in life is dream about what could have been and wish things could have been different. Use your imagination and creative visualization and your dream will become a reality.

We’ve all heard about our conscious and subconscious minds. Our conscious mind tells us the obvious and deals with the mundane but essential day to day running of our lives, whereas our subconscious mind allows us to think of things often without us being aware of them. With the power of visualization, we use powerful thoughts to get what we want. If these thoughts are powerful enough, our subconscious minds will accept these thoughts and turn them into conscious thoughts and beliefs. When our thoughts are very powerful, others pick up on them and strange synchronicities start to happen to help us achieve our goals.

The power of visualization can help us to change our thoughts into reality. Here’s an example of how the power of visualization can help you obtain your goal of home ownership.

• Believe you can buy a home for your family. Believe you CAN find a job to save more money. Believe you CAN find a home within your budget.

• Visualize and See yourself and your family in the home of your dreams. See how happy this home is making you and how easily you can afford it.

• Start looking at properties similar to the house that you want.

• Start a scrap book with pictures of all of the things you want in your new home and look at that book at least twice a day until in the end you can see the contents just by closing your eyes.

• Be grateful when eventually your new home materializes.

Although this may sound too good to be true, the power of visualization really does work if you’re serious about it and continue to believe in and see the things you want. When you visualize something strong enough and long enough, they WILL become a reality for you.

Mike Hooker