The Power of a Press Release

Did you recently publish a book? Land a great client? Expand in some way?

If so, it’s time to send out a press release! Press releases were originally designed as a communication tool between PR staff /public relations firms and the media.

But now that online news sites such as Yahoo News and Google News contain such an abundance of press release content and RSS makes it easy to syndicate news, press releases can be effectively used as a low cost/no cost marketing tool.

To that end, here are 10 tips for maximizing the visibility of press release content:

1. Start with something worth announcing.

Boring news gets little results no matter how well it’s written. It’s important to focus on a specific topic, make it interesting and, if possible, related it to current events.

2. Distribute the release via a wire service like Business Wire and PRWeb or PRNewswire.

You should distribute your press release to online services such as PRWeb, PRNewswire and Business Wire.

To avoid having the news readers filter out duplicate releases, schedule your release to go out on different days if using more than one online service. In addition to online services, you should send your release to your local media outlets. They are more likely to run a release on someone local and your release could turn into an article generating additional press.

3. Incorporate a call to action.

Society as a whole is experiencing information overload. When submitting your release to online services, you want to give the reader a reason to go to your website. This is a great place to offer your free special report, audio tips, ezine, podcast, etc.

4. Create a landing page.

Depending on the nature of your press release, you may wish to either create a separate landing page (page on your website) or include tracking links (you can do this through a shopping cart such as so you can track whether your release brings you any prospects or results in any sales.

5. Post it to your site.

You should post the release to your website or blog. Your blog is a great place to post press releases as it can easily archive them chronologically and by category, offers a search function as well as an RSS feed to make it easy for interested parties, including journalists, to subscribe to your business news.

You want your site to include a “media friendly” page which either links to a pdf media kit or includes a brief bio with bullet points.