The Power of a Millionaire Mentor and How to Find One

A Millionaire Mentor – eveyone wants and needs to have a mentor. But you need to know the only way that can happen is for you to deserve to have a mentor.

What should you look for in a mentor? Well what I did when I met my mentor Holton Buggs. A person who could impact my life dramatically. Did it work?

Holton changed our families lives forever. This servant took 3 1/2 years and flew from Houston Texas to Santa Rosa California once each month to mentor us. As a result my wife and I retired from Corporate America in our thirties. Holton sacrificed time at home with his family to help us achieve our goals. That is serious servant leadership.

Now – How can YOU have a millionaire mentor like that? Well, first of all get some of their precious time by asking them to lunch or dinner. Everyone needs to eat at some point, right?

Once you sit down with them you haven’t opened just one door but you just walked into a hall lined with doors as the conversation unfolds on how they became successful. Each door along the hallway has a journey associated with it. Some you will choose to pursue others you will open the door and then decide not to enter, just close the door and move on. The great thing is you get to choose where you want to go and how to get there. These doors where put there by you deciding to take action and actually sit down with this person. You never know, the person you sat down with that you admire may want you to work with them or even know someone that you could team up with on your journey. The doors are there will you find the hallway?

The greatest part of all is you will get insight into how that person acts, reacts and handles themselves in various scenarios that they experienced in their lives. When you are asking the questions of how they achieved the levels of success and the journey they took be sure not to forget these questions;

– What was your thought process during this period of time?
– What were you thinking as you decided to do x, y or z?
– Did you think you were going to get the result you did?
– What result were you expecting?
– Why didn’t it work out like you thought it would?
– What would you have done differently?

And most of all LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN. This is not a time to talk about you and what you are all about – remember you are where you are because of your current thinking, after all, you also asked them to lunch right? Bring a recorder if you can and record the conversation. Jot down notes about what they are saying so you can remember it later. The sharpest mind is weaker than the palest ink. It will also show them you are serious about learning this information. You’re not there just blowing wind or wanting to take their time and not take it seriously. Their time and your time is the most precious commodity you have. Be sure you thank them profusely before, during and after lunch and yes do it even if you are paying, the information they just gave you will change you life if you really want it to.

After the meeting sit down and review your notes that day before you go to sleep. If you recorded it – sit down and replay it and take notes on it. Why? Because you want to involve all of the senses possible with this information. Seeing the information by writing it out physically, hearing the information, repeating the information in your own voice so your mind can hear you say it. Get your entire physiology around this information. And YES, this is important. And most of all go out and teach this information to someone else within 24 hours. You don’t have to act like you’re teaching it to someone just replay the conversation to a friend or spouse or anyone who will listen. Why? Because if you do this you will learn it quicker and it will stick. Now you’ve engaged all of the senses, but that won’t create what you want only ACTION will at this point.

From the conversation and session you had with your mentor you will need to internalize the information physiologically as described. At this point, within 24 hours, you will also want to review the information once more then sit down and write out all of the ideas you received as you replay it in your mind once again. Once the ideas are on paper you will want to flesh the ideas out further on your own. For each one write a synopsis of how this idea would look in its working form and what the benefits would be for you and others as you take action and implement these ideas.

You must earn mentorship folks. Work hard and do exactly what your mentor coaches you to do. One of the main reasons most never truly recieve TRUE mentorship is their EGO will not allow it. I personally have worked with several individuals on a mentorship basis and the only thing that prevented some from achieving massive results and greatness was themselves.

So as you look for, seek and find mentorship be sure you are open to receive the invaluable coaching and then take MASSIVE ACTION. Your results will come, and if they aren’t as quick as you desire redouble your efforts and follow your mentors coaching as many times as it takes!

My wife and I received the mentorship, coaching and leadership and paid it forward. You can do the same in any circumstance. Find out what drives you what and you want to achieve in your field of endeavor and then find a mentor who has succeeded in that area. Take them out to lunch and find out about them and how they did it. Never ask for mentorship, instead first build a relationship. Mentorship relationships are built over time and develop into friendships that can last for a lifetime.