The Power in a Question

Today I challenge you to go out into the world and ask at least three questions which could potentially change your life. Most of us don’t ask hard questions on a day to day basis for a number of different reasons. Perhaps we feel we won’t like the answer we may get, perhaps we’re complacent, perhaps we don’t care!

If you do care about your relationships, your performance and your reputation I challenge you to ask at least three of these questions (or your own in a similar fashion) today. You’ll notice all the questions also ask for 3 points – so with just three questions you’ll hopefully end up with 9 actions!

Employees Ask your boss or manager what three things you could be doing to be of more value to them or to the organization.

Sales People Ask a client what three things you could do to be of better service to them or to better improve your relationship with them.

Managers / Employers Ask an employee what three things they would change about the organization if they were in your place.

Sales People Ask a client you didn’t get what three things you could have done better if you were given the opportunity to pitch to them in the future.

Everyone Ask your Mum, partner, relation what three things they’d like to do with you over the next 3 months that you could organize.

Managers / Employers Ask an employee who has decided to leave the organization (who you didn’t want to leave) what were three things they thought you could have done to better keep them loyal to your company.