The Positive Affirmation Dilemma

By now you probably have read countless information on the power and magic of using positive affirmation techniques to improve your life. There is no doubt that positive affirmations repeatedly exposed to ones brain for a period of time will affect ones life for the better.

However, one thing that seems to be neglected in most of the information out there is the fact that we almost always don’t come to the table with an empty subconscious mind ready to be filled with positive affirmation. We come loaded with all kinds of information, a considerable part of it negative, already well installed in our subconscious mind. There is very little information out there on what to do with the already existing garbage before we install new affirmations.

Although the problem is not a lack of space, the old information in the subconscious will still have an influence on our lives even if we add new affirmations on top of it. They don’t necessarily cancel each other out.

By no means I am discrediting affirmation practices, in fact I completely believe in them and we should all pursue them aggressively. However, we will get even better results from them if we release the negative affirmations that we are currently holding on and playing out in our lives.

One of the fastest and better methods I know of how to do just that is called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. By simply tapping on specific energy meridians on the body this method helps to reconfigure the negative aspects of stored affirmation or memory into a positive energy flow, freeing us from its hold. To go into the specifics of this method is not the scope of this article but detailed info of EFT is available through my link below.

Releasing old unproductive affirmations or beliefs is definitely going to take an effort and considerable amount of self awareness to accomplish. Therefore, it is a good idea to immediately start the positive affirmation practice while we are tying to release the old and unwanted ones. The order they are done is not a major issue as long as both aspects are addressed. This way we get the benefit of both approaches quicker. Good Luck and more success to you.