The Police Tickets New York Are Vanishing From The Box Office

Everyone knows Sting and everyone knows about their success too. However, a few know about their first success. And that was the album “The Police”. Sting was the lead singer as well as the chief composer. With this album started a series of many other successful albums.

The reggae influenced music captured the hearts of millions and made them so famous that they are known as the greatest band ever formed Many of their songs have become classics.

The 1980’s were golden years for Sting. It was during these years that they gathered a huge fan base with their first hit “Roxanne” on the radio airways. After that, there followed a string of successes, which gave the band a legendary name. The name it is still by known today.

In 1984, the lead man “Sting” began to change his focus from the band to pursue a career in solo singing. In 1986, the band “The Police” came into being. Each member of the band made his own career in solo and harnessed success.

The good news is that the band is about to unite once again! So, The Police fans better stand up and take notice or else they will lose a golden chance to attend a live concert of this band. Rumors are floating the air that the reunion of the band will take place during the band’s tour. On February 17, 2007, the official website of Sting declared a statement about the reunion.

“The Police” are, once again, everywhere! Reggae influenced numbers like “Roxanne”, “Walking On The Moon”, “Can’t Stand Losing You” and “Message In A Bottle” reflect the secret behind the band’s tremendous success. There is hardly a soul who has never heard of these songs or does not know about the band. Even more difficult is the search for such a person who doesn’t like the songs or the band. There is a great possibility that the band will play these numbers as well as others from their albums Outlandos d’Amour, Regatta de Blanc, and Synchronicity in their next tour.

Thus, it’s a must to buy tickets. You simply can’t afford to miss the sheer excitement that’s going to take place in your city! The world is waiting eagerly to watch the band on stage. The tickets are vanishing by the second. There are endless queues at the box offices.

Nobody can think of missing “The Police” perform live in front of their very eyes! And those who have managed to get front row tickets are simply in a state of frenzy. Getting to watch the band from so near the stage is one of the most marvelous things to happen in their lives!

Now, do not think you will get your hands on the tickets with such an outrageous crowd at the box office. The best way is to dial a number or book your tickets online. You can even get them home delivered. Do whatever, but, do not miss the most happening event of your city.