The Perfect Face – Skin Care and Makeup

After all the holiday partying, everyone with their very busy lifestyles is saying to me that they want to look their absolute best for their New Year’s party and beyond. They seemed worried about having the perfect face as they move into the New Year. We all want that flawless look and it can be achieved with regular skin caring treatments and color cosmetics to bring your best face forward.

Here’s a little help with some tips to get you started for the New Year and beyond.

Skin Care
Treating your skin with your daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing is essential to creating the perfect canvas for beautiful makeup application. After cleansing and toning, apply moisturizer to soothe and prepare skin for makeup application.

Apply an all in one foundation and powder for the ultimate velvety finish. Using your powder brush, lightly brush a lightweight powder foundation such as our dual or pro-finish ($27.50) foundation all over your face for a velvety finish. You can apply with a sponge if you want more. To conceal blemishes, gently dab on our Ultimate Concealer or Corrector ($16.00) on problem areas with our Camouflage brush ($18.75) to give your face a smooth finish.

Using our bronzer blush in Trogan ($15.00) will give you a shimmery bronze look. Use as a bronzer by gently sweeping over your face using our Angle Blush Brush ($22.00), and use as a blush by applying on the apples of your cheeks for that extra healthy glow.

Eye Shadow
Eye shadow is a must and less is more to add a subtle look to the eyes. For that extra glamour look, try our Gold Bronze ($14.00) eye shadow to dress up and brighten your eyes. You can then add White Satin ($14.00) eye shadow or White Sparkle ($15.00) loose mineral eye dust in the corner of the eye for that wide awakening look.

With all your getting, get understanding where your eyebrows are concerned. Your eyebrows frame the beautiful set of windows from which we see. As I consult with customers, I remind them that their eyes are the windows but the eyebrows are the frame. A messed up frame does not bring out the beauty of the eyes. For any occasion, be it family gathering, dinner parties, etc. it’s important to get your eyebrows shaped up to match the beauty of your eyes. After having your eyebrows shaped, further grooming with our Clear Brow Wax ($16.00) can be applied alone for that sleek look, or with our Brush-A-Brow powder ($17.50) for definition. You don’t need to use much brow powder since the brow wax allows you to use less. Our brow kit ($25.00) offers a total system with two brow powder shades and brow wax in one convenient compact.

You can apply eyeliner with a pencil or a gel liner for that all night staying power. Personally, I like using a retractable eye liner ($14.00) because I don’t always have my sharpener with me. Since my eyes are small, I tend to outline the outer area of my eyes for that Cleopatra look and smudge under my eyes for a smoky effect. However, if I’m going to dance the night away, then it’s definitely the Indelible Gel Liner ($18.50) for me. I can jump all night and my gel liner is still there when I leave the party and head on home.

Do not leave home without it. Applying our Super Lash ($14.75) mascara is an essential for creating thick and full lashes. Black is a basic for all complexions, but brown gives a more natural look while navy adds a hint of color to your lashes.

Lip liner
Define your lips with a lip liner that’s a shade or two darker than your lipstick. I like using brown such as our Chocolate or Chestnut ($11.50) liner on deep complexions to neutralize the blues in red lipsticks. I also like using Cabernet ($11.50) liner to bring my lips center stage when I wear the right shade of red to complement my outfit. I encourage my customers to connect the dots by following the natural outline of their lips with short strokes to achieve the perfect outline.

Now that you’ve gotten it all together, complete your look by choosing a lipstick color that you feel comfortable with, and looks good on you. If it’s red, then applying the right shade such as Maracas or San Juan ($14.00) will certainly have them talking. And to finish off that evening glamour look, apply any of our super gloss or lip gel ($15.00) over your lipstick.