The “perfect Christmas letter” using Christian good humor

Dr. Richard Bimler, recently retired president of Wheat Ridge Ministries – an independent Lutheran charity organization, believes that humor is an important part of worshiping Christ. He practices what he believes in a Christmas letter in his new book “Laughter” written with his son Robert Bimler.

Many Christmas letters are usually filled with the family’s recent accomplishments from a daughter becoming the youngest vice president at Microsoft to a second cousin graduating with honors from Harvard University – 34th in class. Rich takes a more relaxed approach in talking about his grandchildren in his family’s annual Christmas letter.

GRANDKIDS . . . Hooray! Here’s a quick run-down on them. Photos available upon request! In honor of their grandparents, each of them is presenting a specially-made T-shirt to us, How sweet?

MATT, 16 . . . Lettered in cross-country (his letter was an “A”), has his driver’s license (stay off the sidewalks!). His T-shirt says, “Keep Christ in X-Box.”

RACHEL, 14 . . .Cheerleader Supreme, Aspiring speaker, Her t-shirt for her grandfather says, “National Sarcasm Society. Like We Need Your Support!”

HANNAH, 10, great hugger, trumpet player. In a recent Spelling Bee, she forgot how to spell “amnesia” Her T-shirt says, “I’m Retired. Go Around Me!”

SARAH, 7, super-smiler, sports enthusiast. Her T-shirt, “10 Reasons to Procrastinate . . . One . . .”

AARON. 10, creative writer, thinker . . . His T-shirt, “If the Lord wanted me to eat Broccoli, He Would Have Called It Chocolate!”

EMMA, 5, Photoprincess, giggly kindergartener. Her T-shirt, “Have you seen my marbles?”

ABBEY, 3, Brand new play room in the basement, gets the reward for traveling the furthest to school (too bad she has to walk!) Her T-shirt, in honor of her Starbuck-drinking gramps, “Thanks a Latte!”

And thanks to you, this Christmas season. THANKS for your friendship, prayers, encouragement, and the joys you bring to us. And keep those T-shirts coming!

THE BIMLERS thank the Lord for YOU and we rejoice with you, that the Lord continues to give all of us a STABLE background beginning at CHRISTMAS – and throughout each year!

Let’s keep the CELEBRATION going each day as we bring the STABLEness of our lives to the transitions and changes in the lives of all of us . When God made “a WAY in a MANGER”,. He did it all for us!

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be but we continue to REJOICE and REMEMBER the blessings of the past and the PROMISES of the future! BLESSINGS and HOPE in the name of the HEALING Christ!