The Parents Guide to Playing the Ultimate Santa

During the Christmas season, one of the greatest challenges parents face is how to create a memorable experience for their children that brings out the excitement and enthusiasm of the historical tradition of Santa Claus. Some parents turn to Santa suits and costumes, or other Christmas costumes to make the Christmas celebration a greater joy for their families.

One of the challenges for many parents is how to find high quality Santa costumes or Santa’s helper costumes that bring to life a realistic depiction of the great Saint Nick. Many low quality costumes are available in mass quantities, but discerning parents must take into account the quality of the materials, the cleverness of the accessories, the color appeal, and the fit of the Christmas costumes they choose to buy.

So, whether parents are looking to portray Santa for a special family event or a Christmas Eve storytelling tradition, or perhaps as the great gift giver of Christmas morning, they must take great care and give great planning to the creation of a realistic Santa experience. There are many fine points to developing an effective Santa.

While many kids think of Santa as the jolly old man with a red suit and hat, and big bag of gifts, discerning parents must realize that accessorizing a great Santa suit is the key to creating an excellent Santa costume. Santa suits must be glorified with great deal. Key accessory pieces include: Nice white gloves, big black belt, full white beard and matching white eyebrows, detailed gift bag, sharp black boots, and perhaps the finest detail, thick Santa eye glasses. By taking great care in the detail and finer points of the Santa costume, parents can ensure that Santa really comes to life.

Another often overlooked piece of the polished Santa costume is the big belly that is full like a “bowl full of jelly.” While a big belly may be a built in touch for some aspiring Santa Claus’, others must buy their bellies. Parents can create a Santa belly with belly stuffing, or some other type of molded or rubberized belly. This great touch makes the Santa presentation much more realistic. Anxious children will have a hard time taking a scrawny Santa seriously.

Obviously, playing the role of the one and only Santa Claus requires a lot of planning and effort for parents. Throwing on a simple red suit and hat will not serve the purpose of giving kids a glorious Christmas experience. Parents need to be prepared to seek the finer details of the Santa costume. There are plenty of options available for low price shoppers, but Christmas is a one time a year event. It is a special time for families, traditions, and memories. While children may not consciously remember the smaller points of Santa’s suit, subconsciously, they’ll enjoy the feeling of seeing a lifelike jolly old man in a fully accessorized red suit.