The Online Marketers Guide To The Galaxy.

With more network marketers than ever before joining the industry, the newest folks are scrambling to uncover what really works and ways in which to launch their new venture off on the right foot. I must be honest, after i first got started with this whole web marketing I became slightly overwhelmed by the many moving parts that were required to be in place for me to even create a dent in what I was doing.

I had to learn how to put up a blog, how to get setup on the big social networks, how paid advertising worked, what SEO was all about and many other things. Yes I was overwhelmed, but I realized that was a good thing. It caused me to search hard within myself and realize just what I was capable of accomplishing.

What I hope to lay out for you personally, in case your new , is a high level roadmap for you to get started if your new to internet marketing.

In the Beginning

When people first get moving they want to have everything done like tomorrow. They would like to learn how to drive traffic right from the start and how to sponsor new reps in business.

The things they fail to realize is that there are steps one must take if you want to be successful, especially nowadays in this internet age. You must study the basics.

Branding and Positioning

The very first thing people need to do is start the process of branding themselves online. Getting signed up on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn plus your own personal blog are the first steps in your journey to success in your business. You should own the very first page in Google and the other search engines for your name. Signing up with these social networks is a start.

How you brand and position yourself will determine your online in addition to offline success in your multi-level marketing or traditional business.

Getting Educated

There’s a lot to learn when first starting out that it blows most people out. People are used to being told what to do and they are waiting for instruction. Having a solid training and marketing program put together for your personal team is vital to ever have duplication take place within your organization.

There is certainly a learning curve and expect to go through it. It’s this that blows most people out of the industry. They are all Gung Ho for the first month in their efforts, but when that month passes and they don’t see any results, they quit or make an excuse as to why things are not working out for them, instead of pushing through the obstacles and becoming an over comer. Education is the key.

Choosing Your Online marketing strategy

There are lots of methods to market oneself online. You can blog, write articles, make content rich videos, making training tutorials on things you’ve learned, Pay per click, Banner Advertising, and the list continues. What you want to do is master one area of marketing that you’re comfortable with and that gets you results.

I must be honest with you. I initially tried about twenty different types of internet website marketing when I first got started. I realized through the process that I couldn’t possibly become successful or gain any leverage by using all of them at the same time. There just was not enough time within the day to do all of them in any way that I could possibly be productive and not all over the place.

I chose four. Blogging, Video Marketing, Content creation and Pay-per-click Advertising. These are the ones that have produced the most impressive results for me over the course of time. Will they work for you? Only you can answer that question.

Getting Busy

I see a lot of people getting paralysis by analysis when first getting started. Don’t think that you must read every e-book, undergo every course, etc… before starting with your marketing. It is important to realize there presently exists only two things that provide you money within this industry. The main is marketing plus the second is actually talking to people. Marketing will attract those individuals to you, after which it’s a must to figure out how to “Connect” with folks.

Stop checking results on an hourly basis. Just get to work and become production oriented, not results oriented. Take the emotion away from what you are doing and everything else will fall into place. Emotion is what blows people out of business. Every no they get puts them one step closer to quitting. You should be a tough, productive, confident and decisive person in this business or else you will never make it.

Make it happen

There are three varieties of people. People that watch things happen, make things happen or those that say “what happened?” . Why not consider making things happen. Decide that you’re going to do something great and don’t stop until you achieve your desired results.

Network marketing is simply not for everyone but is for everyone who hopes to take control of their financial future and learn where the money is today. There has never been a recession on the net, nor will there ever be.

~Josh Boxer
Internet Wealth Pros
Atlanta, Georgia