The Oneness Blessing (Part Two)

Two weeks ago I wrote my first article on the “Oneness Blessing” or Deeksha, and I said I would keep you up-to-date on my own experiences with it.
Last week I invited my sister to attend a Deeksha and we made arrangements to receive it from a local couple, Angela and Shane Cottreau.
My sister is a Reiki master so I was looking for an objective opinion as well as an opportunity to compare notes. I believe that we should be able to see definable physical results from the blessings or any other healing process for that matter. Although we are both drawn to the Deeksha intuitively we are trying to keep an open objective mind-if that is possible.
Objectivity may not be possible if one is to let go and become the process. What I really don’t want is to react to the blessing because of what I have read or been told–no trances, no hypnotic suggestions or obligatory involvement. I want to judge it on its merits.
I will be attending my third session tomorrow, along with my sister and her friend. We will compare notes and I will write another article next week.
During the first Deeksha I noticed an involuntary twitching in my head as I was given the blessing. That is the only physical thing I noticed. However, during the week I noticed a calming effect. I went about my day job, and my writing and web site duties as normal. What I was experiencing was a non stressful week. Nothing was overly upsetting or out of control. I went through the usual emotions and feelings during the week but there seemed to be more emphasis on a separation of the body and mind. I have been observing myself go through the week from a distance, detached and compassionate for what I am experiencing with a knowingness that everything is alright and is as it should be.
My sister also told me that she is not getting upset about things which have happened to her after her first Deeksha. So, we both concur on that one aspect of the blessing.
We were told that because our own spiritual development may be higher we may not notice dramatic changes as someone who is just starting out. For me, that is just too easy to say if one is not noticing anything-I won’t settle for that reasoning. I don’t think the Deeksha needs to be defended if it works. I really believe that it doesn’t really matter how aware or enlightened one believes they are, there is always a long way to go and things should be dramatic but not overwhelming.
I am also aware that meaningful changes come within the ability to accept change and recognize it.
After my second Deeksha and during the week to follow, it has remained much the same as the first-everything seems to be floating. It’s kind of like having your first beer or glass of wine for the evening-you’re not as sharp as before it, but not yet stoned-you’re floating.
There is one other difference that I am not overly happy about. I have become a bit sappier. Tears come to me easily if I experience outside situations which are happy or sad, real or portrayed on the tube. Without going into any explanations as to why, it’s really not something I want to experience. It may be an indication that I may have been emotionally challenged and there is work to do there.
It’s about one hour and fifteen minutes before my next Deeksha. I left for breakfast a little earlier and while I was in the restaurant I decided to read the material I was given at the last Deeksha. I didn’t want to read it until I had several blessings, so I wouldn’t be influenced.
Well surprise, surprise-the material says that one of the first things many people will notice after their blessings are related to the first stages of enlightenment. They will look at themselves as though they were separate from themselves. They will in effect create a third person.
Well isn’t that what I just wrote? However, it would seem that I have been in this stage for some time. I have written several articles over the years and noted in my books, the existence of the silent observer-the one who stands over us and watches itself from a lofty position of indifference. So, the only real difference in what I have been experiencing recently is more sensitivity and an enhanced sense of the silent observer and a sense of calm. Well it’s another step along the way, but I do not wish to be stuck in purgatory so-to-speak.
It’s time for my next blessing, so I am off. I will report any further developments in “Part Three”.